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Kevin Durant On The Move Again, Who Cares?

Stop me if you have heard this before. Kevin Durant is going to a new team… maybe. Same shit different year. I will preface this blog with I am not an NBA fan and haven’t watched a game in years. With that being said the NBA is a bunch self centered baby’s that are the […]

The Worlds Worst Golfer Is Joining The LIV Tour

Yup. It’s official. LIV is must watch tv. Only if the round mound of rebound actually gets an offer. Oh and I should probably fess up that I tried gaslighting you into opening this blog. I kept the title vague on purpose. The Barkster will be playing in the LIV Pro-Am but the offer will […]

Notre Dame Wants $75 Million And They Want it Now!

Some set of balls on the Fighting Irish to demand a cool $75 million. In all honesty though, you can’t disagree with the number. It sounds insane and I hate to admit this but they are worth every penny of that $75 mill. The Big Tens current tv deal is $440 million and rumored to […]