Kevin Durant On The Move Again, Who Cares?

Stop me if you have heard this before. Kevin Durant is going to a new team… maybe. Same shit different year. I will preface this blog with I am not an NBA fan and haven’t watched a game in years. With that being said the NBA is a bunch self centered baby’s that are the cause of a once great nations downfall.

It was reported that the NBA Championship losers, Boston Celtics, offered a trade to the Brooklyn Nets for the slim reaper, Kevin Durant. The trade offer included Jaylen Brown. Holy shit! Not Jaylin Brown! No shit the Celtics would trade a non super start for one of the best players of all time. I’m sure there are other players and picks involved but if I am the Nets, it is Jason Tatum plus some or I am out.

Once the rumor got out about the trade offer, you will be shocked to find out that a NBA player got there feelings hurt and tweeted about it. Go in to the GMs office, tell him it’s the biggest mistake they will ever make and then go ball the fuck out. This may be an old man yelling from a tree take but get the hell off of Twitter and let your play do the talking. All I am saying is Micheal Jordan never tweeted while he was a player. Class act!


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