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Baker Mayfield is Now Surrounded by People That Hate Him

It finally happened. Baker Mayfield has been traded after months of him being a sour puss. It was March when Baker originally requested a trade but clarified the request by saying “its in the mutual interest for both sides to move on.” I think my buddy in high school said the same thing when his […]

The Big 12s Push To Stay Alive

Hey? Stop me if you have heard this phrase in the last couple of weeks. Conference realignment. Like every living human being predicted, there are more potential teams on the move. Although, this time is a bit different. The last moves were the strong getting more steroids shot in their ass. The SEC getting Oklahoma […]

America’s National Treasure: Joey Chestnut

Happy belated Fourth of July! I hope all of you spent the weekend drinking as many beers as possible while lighting off fireworks with your bare hands and wearing overalls with a Columbia PFG hat on. Mine went something like that. While I was detoxing yesterday from the America filled weekend, I tuned in to […]

The Pac 12 Is Dead!

College Football is officially getting weird! It is making me feel uncomfortable for some reason. I feel like everything that I once knew, I have to relearn.  It’s official, USC and UCLA have joined the Big Ten conference starting in 2024. I know you all have been dying to get my take on the matter so […]

The Largest College Football NIL Deal Is Irrelevant

Jaden Rashada is a 2023 4 star high school QB recruit. He just committed to play football at the University of Miami. He had offers elsewhere but surprisingly chose the Canes over the Florida Gators. If I am boring you to tears I will hurry up and get to the good part. The reason Jaden […]

Baseball Brawls and Delivery Guys

Did y’all catch the Mariners Angels game yesterday? I’m sure many of you did because how could the average baseball fan miss a day game on the west coast in the middle of a Sunday. No real excuse if you think about it. The responsible people on this earth should have been back from having […]

The Cincinnati Reds Suck So Bad Their Fans Are Pooping In Trucks

It is official. The Reds are the worst team of all time. They started 2-2 in the season opening series against the world champ Atlanta Braves. Not bad right? Hold my beer (Bud Light of course). They are now 3-19… They lost 11 games in a row, threw in 1 win and now are on […]

Kendrick Perkins Ended Newport Cigs Whole Existance

I normally don’t consume sports talk TV anymore, especially on ESPN. Mainly because I think most of the people on the shows are talentless and just report the sports news from a teleprompter. Nothing is wrong with that but I already get 100 Bleacher Report notifications a day telling me what is going on in […]

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