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The Most Exciting 2 Minutes in Sports

Derby day is here. Not only is the Kentucky Derby here, the REGULAR Kentucky Derby is here. No more Covid bullshit with no crowd and horses wearing masks. Ok maybe that last part never happened but it is going to be fun actually watching a normal, regular ass Kentucky Derby for the first time in […]

Woody’s 2022 NFL Draft Betting Guide

Happy NFL Draft day! This has to be overwhelmingly the most exciting day for every NFL fan. The reason being because every team has one thing in common. HOPE! Even Lions fans have hope which let me tell ya, that hope is false hope. Don’t tell Lions fans that though. Let them have the rest […]

Woody’s Winners 4/25/2022

Alright fellas. Here is the thing. I have been following a pattern of a unreal winning week that inflates my ego and makes me think I am a millionaire (I know, crazy, how am I not a millionaire? Yet…).  Then followed by a losing week you should only read about in the news for the […]

Woody’s Winners 4/22/2022

Yawnnnn. Yet another winning day. 3-1 seems to be the peak if I am being quite frank with all of y’all (you all or yinz for you savages in Pittsburgh). Just can’t quite seem to crack through the glass ceiling to the ever so precious undefeated day. It’s not even like I am getting teased […]

Woody’s Winners 4/21/2022

1, 2, 3 and to the 4??  Shout out Snoop Dogg. Anyway, I am officially streaking again. Not the dick and ass out kind like Will Ferrell in Old School. “You’re my boy Blue!” But the kind that means I have had more success than I have had failure, with this little thing called sports gambling, […]

Woody’s Winners 4/20/2022

Come on now! I’m catching a little bit of fire again. Like I said yesterday, the steaks are real. It truly is a week by week up or down trend. By the time every Tuesday blog comes out, you Woodheads should already know weather to tail me or not. Luckily for my 500 plus followers […]

Woody’s Winners 4/19/2022

Oh shit, watch out. Your boy is back. 3-1 on the night last night with 1 of the 3 being a +2.5 unit parlay winner. I have got to be one of the streakiest gamblers in the game right now. I put up some absolute dog shit stinkers last week. I think I had three […]

Woody’s Winners 4/14/2022

Well, I’ll be damned. This is going to be a fucking problem if this losing shit continues at this rapid of a rate. 0-5. By far the worst day in Woody Sports history. But honestly it is pretty on brand. The slogan is “Where gambling misery and buckeyes fans find company.” If this isn’t gambling […]

Woody’s Winners 4/13/2022

Fellas, I suck. I am well on my way to the worst gambling week of all time. I just had to be the asshole that jokingly said that last week was so full of winners that this week I will fill up the L column. I am doing a bang up job of that so […]

Woody’s Winners 4/12/2022

Woody’s Winners 4/12/2022 If you recall yesterday’s Woody’s Winners blog, I predicted that I would be saying how bad of a week it was by Friday. Well, I sure am on a good pace for the worst gambling week in Woody Sports history. 0-3-1 is not what I like to see. For some reason, I’m […]

Woody’s Winners 4/11/2022

Last week was pretty sweet if I do say so myself. I recorded a winning record every day and The Hockey Over went 5-0 for the perfect week. I have been close a couple times put I really put the time in the lab this past week, crunching the numbers and researching which teams cycle […]

Woody’s Winners 4/8/2022

Well fellas. How bout it? I hope you have been tailing because I am on a kind of sneaky heater. Yet another winning day yesterday at 3-1. I was 2 runs away from 4-0 but probably for the best because then the heater wouldn’t be as sneaky. I wasn’t very excited for baseball being back […]

Woody’s Winners 4/7/2022

I straight up was calling myself out in yesterday’s Woody’s Winners. Pretty much calling myself a timid little pussy for not popping off one of these days and going 3-0. I had been flirting with this girl at high school in art class. I would compliment her outfit and tell her how good she was […]

The Masters 2022 Betting Guide

Holy shit it is here. The greatest golf tournament to ever exist is back again. What could make it any better? Oh, only the greatest golfer to ever live playing 13 months after a devastating car wreck that almost took his right leg. Fair to say there is pretty decent interest around The Masters this […]

Woody’s Winners 4/6/2022

I keep having winning nights which I am happy with, but I want to pop off for the boys one time. You know what I mean? 2-1 last night is good, don’t get me wrong. But 2-1 isn’t popping off. I’m looking for a real breakthrough. I want to go 3-0 in back-to-back nights. Now […]

Woody’s Winners 4/5/2022

What do you consider the most useless toe? Like if you had to cut one of them off, which one would it be? If you don’t say the pinky toe you are a moron. We don’t even use the pinky toe. I never even realize I have one unless my shoe is on too tight […]

Woody’s Winners 4/4/2022

Woody’s Winners 4/4/2022 Is Coach K forever seen as a loser now? I think the only answer is yes. I mean, how embarrassing. Losing to your archrival not once but twice at the end the season. Both being debatably the biggest games of the college basketball season. One being the saddest retirement party of all […]

Woody’s Winners 4/1/2022

Yup. Yup. Yup. Another one. Another winning night. 2-1 on the night. I am slowly collecting bullets this week so I can unload the clip this weekend. I am going to drop a monster bet on one of the Final Four games. I am considering making the largest bet I have ever made on it. […]

Woody’s Winners 3/31/2022

Yup, its official. I have found the winning formula. I went 2-1 last night so the three-bet minimum a night is undefeated (1-0 but still has never lost). That means it is here to stay. I really am a simple, face value kind of guy. You say, “Hey this Johnny Bench autographed baseball is $80 […]

WGC Dell Match Play Betting Guide

Last week at the Valspar didn’t treat me quite as well as The Players did the week before when I picked Cameron Smith to win at +3600. That is just a reminder, I am definitely not bragging because I have pretty much given it all back through March Madness live bets. I’m a sucker for […]

Valero Texas Open Betting Guide

I am the best golf handicapper on the planet. A few weeks ago, at The Players Championship I picked the outright winner at +3600. Thank you, Cameron Smith. Then this past week, at the Dell Match Play I picked the two golfers that matched up in the championship as my outright winners. It was easily […]

Woody’s Winners 3/30/2022

Yup. Yup. Yup. 2-0.  Undefeated. Ever heard of her? A little bounce back action never hurt nobody. But if I am being completely honest. Going 2-0 was the second coolest thing that happened to me yesterday. Your boy put up some numbies on twitter. I think in the past I have mentioned that I am […]

Woody’s Winners 3/29/2022

Remember in yesterday’s blog how I said I felt like I could smack a man on live television like Will Smith because of the heater I was on? Yeah, I am now Chris Rock getting smacked by my stupid gambling arrogance. So, I guess that makes me a moron and a loser. If you can’t […]

Woody’s Winners 3/28/2022

What a weekend, fellas! 3-1 Friday, 3-0 Saturday and 4-0 Sunday. Yeah, I think I got my swagger back. If you don’t understand that reference, I feel bad for you. Last week I started as a defeated loser. Then I upgraded to an average ass 5’9” divorced accountant stepdad that drinks IPA’s and watches primetime […]

Woody’s Weekend Winners 3/26/2022

Yesterday was FINALLY a good day! Yesterday I was the 5’9” step dad accountant and today I am… idk who is a middle of the road celebrity? Vin Diesel! Yup, I am Vinny Big D. Fast and Furious is tight. 3-1 is 3-1 but I did lose “my dog got his balls snipped today” whole […]

Woody’s Winners 3/25/2022

Hello friends. Welcome to Woody Sports. Here you will find the most average gambler to ever do it. I am the 5’10” 195-pound white guy that is an accountant. He works 9 to 5 and drives home in his 2013 Nissan Altima to his second wife and two step kids. He eats his frozen lasagna […]

Woody’s Winners 3/23/2022

Yup yup yup. The big bad blog man is back baby! 2-0 also known as perfection. You quite literally cannot ask for a better gambling night. For all of you Woodheads that read yesterday’s blog, it is funny that the day after I pronounce that I am actively trying to continue the losing streak of […]

Woody’s Winners 3/22/2022

When will the misery end? I mean fellas, this is bad.  Two picks last night. Two losers. I am starting to wonder what I have done to deserve this pain and suffering. I’m not going to lie to you all, I did consider retiring until March Madness started back up this weekend. But then I asked […]

Woody’s Winners 3/21/2022

I may be the worst gambler on the face of the earth. Ok maybe not the worst but definitely not the best. My gambling weekend kind of went how Ohio States basketball season went. I treaded water and showed glimmers of hope for the first three quarters and then got absolutely railed the last quarter. […]

Woody’s Winners 3/18/2022

March Madness is unbeaten. The GOAT. The day had its lows, but the highs are higher than the crack head outside the local Walmart that you awkwardly avoid eye contact with as he shakes an empty McDonalds large Iced Tea cup with two pennies in it while asking if you have found your lord and […]

Woody’s Winners 3/17/2022

I’m disgusted with myself. Like the kind of disgusted when you can smell your coworker’s lunch on their breathe because every time they talk to you it has to be two inches from your face. Like dude, get the hell away from me and throw in a stick of big red while you’re at it. […]

Valspar Championship Betting Guide

Did you guys hear who won The Players Championship last week? Some Australian guy. Has a sweet mullet and mustache. Pretty good golfer. Shot the lowest combined four round score in PGA history earlier this year. Oh yeah, his name is Cameron Smith. The reason I know that is because I won 36 units betting […]

Woody’s Winners 3/16/2022

Not the start to March Madness I was looking for. I broke even on the two play in games and my Hockey Over wouldn’t have hit an iceberg if it was the fucking Titanic. Too soon? Leo really did deserve better. I don’t understand my luck lately with teams that refuse to make free throws […]

Woody’s Winners 3/15/2022: I’m Back

Don’t worry I’m back. I decided I had been working too hard on growing the blog and social media (140 followers) that I deserved a vacation. Woody Sports is 24/7 and can even take a toll on the hardest working blogger. I would tell you all about the vacation but no need to get bogged […]

Woody’s Winners 3/10/2022:

The Hockey Over is BACK! I can’t lie. I was nervous that it was going to be 0-5 this week with how bad the first to games lost. Now please let me destroy Xavier. I mean this team sucks. Xavier -5.5 was an easy winner with them up 6 with 45 seconds left and at […]

The Players Championship 2022 Betting Guide

Better than most! Better than most! The players championship is here. I think this is universally the weekend all the casuals begin to acknowledge that golf is back. The weather is starting to turn and you might be lucky enough to be able to go outside in shorts. It’s time to get the putter out […]

Woody’s Winners 3/9/2022:

I am currently a loser. 0-1 yesterday. What kind of cocky asshole puts out 1 play and is never close to winning. THIS GUY! Boy was I feeling good last week being on one of my hottest gambling streaks and boy am I feeling bad now about putting up back to back L’s. I am […]

Woody’s Winner 3/8/2022:

Worst night in over a week last night. I’m sure some of you are thinking “Wow he must not have won a single bet.” Nope, broke even at 2-2 and with the juice -.2 units. I’m thinking this is water finding its level. All good things must come to an end. I’ve been on a […]

Woody’s Winners 3/7/2022:

I don’t want to brag. I swear I am not the bragging type. But I had PHENOMENAL week last week. 15-7-1 +7.6 Units. You shittin’ me? I called for March domination and fellas… here we are. Like I said in the past, March has got to be one of the best months to go on […]

Woody’s Weekend Winners 3/5/2022:

THIS AINT NO HOBBY. Yet another winning day. 1 2 3 4 5 winning days in a row. What do we buy with our winnings? Maybe take the girlfriend out to dinner. Fuck that, daddy needs a new driving iron. We have a really good College Basketball card today. Get the white board out. Make […]

Bo’s Bets 3/4/2022:

Quick recap from my dead dogs play the other night. Almost went 3-0 if it weren’t for Marquette shitting the bed. But Auburn was able to pull out of OT with the W and cover as well. As for my Canes pick, it was over within minutes. Boston College was curb stomped within the first […]

Woody’s Winners 3/4/2022:

Yup its official. I think I’m a sharp. 3-0-1…. You kidding me? I’ve been putting up numbers. Have not had a losing day all week. I called the month of March into the ring after saying I’d whoop its ass and boy; I am whooping that ass. Some people that I refer to as haters […]

Woody’s Winners 3/3/2022:

Put on the hard hat. Lace up the boots. And let’s go grind out these winners. Not sure if that is going to be taken the way I intend it to but anyway. My college bball picks have been like watching your buddy hit on the hot girl at the bar that you know he […]

Public Service Announcement

Allow me to introduce myself…. My name is Bo  You will come to know me as the trap taking, uneducated degenerate that has the single most dangerous attribute of a gambler…Hope With the intro being done I got three picks for tonight MIAMI FL -4 Its all about the U tonight! The canes haven’t received […]

Woody’s Winners 3/2/2022:

Grinded my ass off to a 4-2 day yesterday. Also known as a winning day. The hater(s) were coming out at halftime of Providence Nova. Was Providence getting “slaughtered”?  Sure. That’s why we bet spreads! I don’t need wins, I need covers. And Providence dug a ditch and buried the hater(s) with that cover. The […]

Woody’s Winners 3/1/2022:

THIS IS MARCH! One of the best gambling months is finally here. Not to get cocky but i finally had a winning day yesterday (3-1 no big deal) so I think I am about to face fuck march to put it lightly. Yesterday started hot at 2-0 and I tried my best to jinx myself […]

Woody’s Winners 2/28/2022:

I’m not gonna lie. This past week was a rough one for gambling. Sunday was a rest and recovery day. Back and better than ever with one of the best gambling months ahead of us. Conference tournament week and march madness is a no brainer top 3 gambling events of the year. Normally here is […]

Woody’s Winners 2/26/2022

When it rains it pours and boy is it coming down hard. 1-3 on the night. Bad Should’ve known when Iowa barely didnt cover it was gonna be bad. I admitted I didn’t know shit about the NBA so that one shouldn’t really count. The Late night over streak is on though. Glass half full […]

Woody’s Winners 2/25/2022

2-2 on the night. They say ties are like kissing your sister but I won’t say that because that seems messed up in too many ways. 2-2 really is a tease. Makes you feel ok because your record isn’t losing but you are a loser on the night with the juice. Two big takeaways. Ohio […]

Woody’s Winners 2/24/2022

2-3 yesterday… better than the day before? Sure. Am I happy about it? Hell no. I feel like a loser because I am a loser. You know who else is a loser? TCU Basketball! Up 5 or more the entire game and then with five minutes left they piss down their leg, lose and blow […]

Honda Classic Betting Guide

The PGA tour heads from two of the best golf events every year to one of the most average sporting events in Florida this weekend at the Honda Classic. Never much appeal to the Honda Classic but I guess that can be said for most non major tournaments. It is tough to compete with the […]

Woody’s Winners 2/23/2022

1-2-1…. Just a dog crap day yesterday. Just makes me want to spit. Izzo and his group of losers never had a shot. Was a loser from start to finish. Almost pulled out a push in the Blues Flyers over but the Flyers didn’t want me to be some what happy. In quite the opposite […]

Daily Picks 2/22/22

Started 2-0 yesterday after some close calls with my Buckeyes waiting to dominate until overtime and the Maple Leafs forgetting how to play hockey completely until 2 quick goals in third period. Then fucking Baylor man. Super sluggish start but gave me hope that the 3-0 man might appear. But life isn’t that easy. They […]

Daily Picks 2/21/22: The first day of the rest of my life

Today marks the launch of Woody Sports! Really hoping that these picks are winners. Looking to set the tone for the Woody Sports empire with these picks tonight. LETS FUCKING GO. With that being said here are the plays. Buckeyes are playing Lock: Basketball Buckeyes -6 vs Indiana. 1 unit. This is a system play. […]

Welcome to Woody Gambling

Here I will post blogs of all my daily gambling picks. The main sport I gamble on is football because I am a red blooded American but outside of football I will probably post picks for college bball, mlb and golf. Tracking my records is pointless because I won’t lose any but I will post […]

Woody Gambling

Follow along with my daily gambling picks here. I GURANTEE these picks are all winners unless they lose…