The Worlds Worst Golfer Is Joining The LIV Tour

Yup. It’s official. LIV is must watch tv. Only if the round mound of rebound actually gets an offer. Oh and I should probably fess up that I tried gaslighting you into opening this blog. I kept the title vague on purpose. The Barkster will be playing in the LIV Pro-Am but the offer will be for broadcasting LIV events not playing. Still must watch.

One very big problem with this possibility. The only nba content that is worth a damn, Inside the NBA, would fall off the face of the earth. You find a side chick to hang out with but your main chick leaves you and now you owe alimony. Hopefully the new side chick is worth it.

Anyway, I think Greg Norman lived a lot of people fantasy by taking Charles Barkley out to dinner. I would have to imagine that a decent amount of sports and comedy fans would have Charles Barkley in the top 5 of celebrities to have a meal with. What’s the big fellas go to order? Would have to believe it is meat heavy. Gotta go steak. Charles seems like a porter house with a dark liquor kind of a guy. A real mans man.

Whatever he decides, I am here for it. I know if he goes Saudi, he will still be the best sports commentary guy on the planet so that is good enough for me.


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