Notre Dame Wants $75 Million And They Want it Now!

Some set of balls on the Fighting Irish to demand a cool $75 million. In all honesty though, you can’t disagree with the number. It sounds insane and I hate to admit this but they are worth every penny of that $75 mill.

The Big Tens current tv deal is $440 million and rumored to jump to $1 Billion. Yes, with a capital B! The SEC is set to get $300 million from ESPN which is a huge increase from $55 million they get from CBS currently. Oh and that is only for the single prime time game of the week. So, that astronomical demand of $75 million seem very realistic now.

Notre Dame needs to hike up their skirt and join the Big Ten already. We all know it’s going to happen eventually so what is the point in waiting? Money is not the issue because they would make as much or more in the Big Ten, so why? Must be afraid of playing at Iowa on a Saturday night. Eventually being independent will hurt them more than it already is when it comes to the college football playoff. The committee will get tired of Notre Dame beating up on the armed forces and will squeeze them out of the playoff. Just a matter of time.

On a separate note, I think money isn’t a thing anymore. Or maybe inflation isn’t. Idk but the numbers some these people are throwing around is insane. If you would have told me Notre Dame was asking for $10 million, I would have said you are crazy. I refuse to be shocked anymore. Next step $100 Billion I guess.


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