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Ranking The Best Buckeye RBs Since 2010

Buckeye fans. Hello. How are ya? Let’s talk pounding the rock up the middle. Let’s talk three yards and a cloud of dust. Let’s talk running backs. And if we are talking RBs, we might as well talk about the school that produces the best. The Buckeyes of Ohio State. I will be ranking all […]

Jim Harbaugh Is The WORST

Like I have said in past blogs, I am trying to get into this whole Tik Tok thing. If you haven’t heard of it let me, a person who doesn’t even have the app downloaded, explain it to ya. It is a straight up theft of Vine (the best social media app of all time). […]

The Buckeyes have won the 2024 Football National Championship

I have already declared that the Buckeyes have won the 2022 CFP National Championship. Also sprinkled in there, CJ stroud has won the 2022 Heisman. 60 passing TDs really set him apart from the field. Now that this upcoming season is already in the past, it is on to the future. THE Ohio State Buckeyes […]

The Brian Hartline Victory Lap Isn’t Over

I wrote a blog after day 1 of the NFL Draft stating the undeniable fact that Brian Hartline and the Ohio State Buckeyes were the number 1 winners from the 2022 NFL Draft. This simply can not be argued due to the how true it is. If you have 3 wide receivers get drafted at […]

The Man Who Has It All: Brian Hartline

With the first round of the NFL draft being last night, everyone loves to get their take in on who won and lost the draft along with grading every teams pick. Outside of the Bengals I honestly don’t give a flying f$#% about any of that. What I do care about is Ohio State football […]

2022 NFL Draft Preview: Players That Matter

Football is back! Kind of I guess. At least talking about football is back and that is half the battle. The 2022 NFL Draft is this week and I don’t think it is crazy to say that this has to be the least hyped draft in a while. Clearly the reason is because a Xichigan […]

Rest In Peace Dwayne Haskins

I normally don’t talk about serious topics but I feel I had to pay respect to Dwayne Haskins after the tragic news of his passing. What a horrible freak accident of being struck by a vehicle on the highway. I was really happy to see the overwhelming amount of praise and respect he received form […]

Xichigan Football Loses Spring Game, Yikes

All Buckeyes fans had an appointment with their television this past Saturday at 1 EST/Noon CST. The xichigan football spring game. The old saying applies of keep your friends close and your enemies closer. I mentioned that I watched TTUNs spring game to one of my Penn State buddies and he looked at me like […]

Ohio State Pro Day Recap

I always thought the idea of the Pro Day was funny. What the hell do the scouts even learn that they don’t already know? They all have watched every single snap of college football these players have played over the last three to four years against actual defenders in football pads. But now let’s watch […]

Big news! CJ Stroud got a new helmet

Fellas. Did you hear about this? Did you see this? Qb1, CJ Stroud got a new helmet and he is now going to be better at running than Lamar Jackson at Louisville. I guess that means he is going to win the Heisman. I don’t make the rules. This is quite clearly a basketball is […]

Basketball Buckeyes vs. Villanova Recap

You know the saying “It was fun while it lasted”? Well, it most certainly was not fun with the 2021-22 Buckeyes. Am I being too cynical after watching them lose a game they easily could have won? Sure, but you could say that for every loss down the stretch. I suppose the game yesterday against […]

Basketball Buckeyes vs Loyola Recap and Nova Preview

The basketball Buckeyes did it! They defeated God! Or Jesus Christ I think. It has been brought to my attention that I may have gotten the two confused in my sister Jean preview blog. The days of getting chocky chip pancakes after Sunday school are long gone. Hand up, I apologize to the big man […]

Basketball Buckeyes vs Sister Jean Preview

Ohio State is screwed. They have been for a while and now they face their toughest opponent. God. No opponent I would want to play less after losing 4 out of your last 5 games. I mean the guy rose from the dead, turned water into wine and was born from a virgin. I think […]

Ohio State Football 2022: First Practice

Ohio State Football is BACK… at practice. This came at the best time for me personally. If you haven’t been following along, I have made it pretty clear how I feel about the Buckeyes Basketball team. DEAD! So, any kind of hope, even the false kind, I’ll take. My biggest take away from what I […]

Create a QB: Buckeye Edition

I don’t think I am shocking anyone when I say Ohio State has the best college quarterbacks over the last two decades. Ok maybe some people might disagree. I have always said, show me your Heisman winning quarterback and I will show you my Heisman runner up quarterback.  We have quite a few recently. It […]

Basketball Buckeyes vs TTUN Recap: Done or Dead?

I only caught the first half of the game. This team is ready for March, yeah? Putting it to TTUN with them having everything on the line. We kept them out of the tourney and on our Senior Day…. We suck. This team is DEAD! I think I have to say the same thing every […]

Basketball Buckeyes vs Mich St Recap: The Boys are Back (I think)

Lets go! Wire to wire win for the Buckeyes. Haven’t seen a game where I didn’t have to sweat for a second in a long time. Izzo spotting the Buckeyes 11 points to start the game was more than generous. Mich St. did make a little run in the first half that made me pucker […]

Basketball Buckeyes vs Mich St Preview: Lets not lose

Here we have two really bad teams that both have played some god-awful basketball lately. Lets see which team can suck less. This game should be sponsored by life alert because both these teams have fallen and can’t get up… I don’t know, sounded ok in my head. Neither of these teams make sense. Mich […]

Basketball Buckeyes vs Nebraska: Who even cares

I never even cared. We all saw this coming. Beat Illinois on the road then lose at Maryland and lose at home against Nebraska. Completely predictable. Football School. Watching the second half, I was thinking the whole time that we would eventually go on a 10-0 run and scrape by with a W. Of course, […]

Basketball Buckeyes vs Nebraska Preview

If we don’t win in dominate fashion then I give up on this team. Not really but this has to be a big win to give me any confidence going into the conference tournament. We already pissed away the regular season Big Ten title but are still fighting for seeding. I am confident we will […]

Ohio State @ Maryland Recap: What the hell

Bad. Disgusting. Gut wrenching. Made me want to puke. I mean what the hell? The ground work was done. We beat Illinois. Now all we have to do is not come out completely flat against a .500 Maryland team. And we did… This makes me wonder what I ever got my hopes up. Its the […]

Buckeyes at Illinois Recap: Bye Bye Brad

With no EJ playing last night, the double-digit loss was to be expected… Oh wait, Liddell played? And we won at Illinois? YUP! Malaki Branham is that dude. Guy is just built different. I don’t know if he has been eating his Wheaties for the past two games but keep doing it. Dropping a 30 […]

#22 Basketball Buckeyes at #15 Illinois Preview

This game is seemingly our last big test of the season with Illinois being the last ranked opponent on the schedule. This game should tell Buckeye fans what kind of team we really are with conference tournament szn coming soon. I still can’t tell whether this team is sucks. I currently lean towards they are […]

Juwan Howard Punch: Breakdown from an unbiased fan

Lets start from the beginning. Wisconsin is beating TTUNs ass like a drum with under a minute left in the game. TTUN proceeds to full court press Wisconsin in a game that is all but over. Very much so a serial killer move down double digits with seconds left. Wisconsin’s backups can’t get the ball […]

Bball Buckeyes are good then bad then good… Indiana Recap

I mean what the hell. This team is the most lovable and hard to watch team I can remember. At this point just pick a side Buckeyes. Good or Bad. I think I had no less than three heart attacks while watching that second half which I guess is the new normal. All things considered, […]

Basketball Buckeyes NEED bounce back home vs Indiana

Just a sorry ass performance in the second half against a mediocre Iowa team on Saturday. Rebounding and post defense has been a problem. With Kyle Young seemingly being the only person to care about either. EJ Lidell is by far the best player on the court most nights but he is a points and […]

Welcome to Woody Buckeyes

Buckeye Football gets me going… It is the top priority year round and at the end of the day the only thing that matters. The basketball Buckeyes will also get some shine if I feel like it. Go Bucks.

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