The Brian Hartline Victory Lap Isn’t Over

I wrote a blog after day 1 of the NFL Draft stating the undeniable fact that Brian Hartline and the Ohio State Buckeyes were the number 1 winners from the 2022 NFL Draft. This simply can not be argued due to the how true it is. If you have 3 wide receivers get drafted at 10, 11 and 12 in the first round, wave the white flag, the battle has been won. Not only was the in the moment victory outstanding, I talked about the future success it will lead to specifically with recruiting. Well shit, I guess the future is now because the #1 WR in the 2023 recruiting class is officially an Ohio State Buckeye. Well kind of. Actually not really at all.

Ok so the kid hasn’t committed to shit yet. But you do have to admit it looks very promising. I normally don’t follow recruiting until I see a player has committed but ever since starting the blog a few months ago I have been consuming all things Ohio State football and that means a whole lot of Brian Hartline. The guy is on an all time heater. He won the draft, he won best dressed at the draft and he is about to win the #1 wide receiver prospect. Fair to say he is officially “On one.”

Brandon Inniss is coming on a visit in the middle of June and that is when Brian Hartline will wrap up his recruiting master piece. Carnell Tate is some kind of special let me tell ya. If you are a bored Ohio State football fan during this long grueling offseason, hop on to YouTube and watch some Carnell Tate highlight tapes. Adding two 4 star wide receivers is a nice little double cherry on top.

Ever since Ran Day took over at Ohio State, it feels as if the recruiting has leveled up from the Urban Meyer days. Obviously I will take a dirty pervert Urban Meyer national championship over a Ryan Day rose bowl win but as a progrum (no this is not a typo) you have to like where we are at.

I like this tweet but I hate it more if that makes sense. I am wrapping up my second Brian Hartline focused blog in a weeks time, so obviously I am a fan of the guy. But Ryan Day is still the king and if you come at the king you best not miss. I realize Ryan Day was pretty heavily rumored for the Chicago Bears coaching job this year and thank the football gods above those were only rumors. I am sure he will be rumored for every big job opening in the NFL year after year. You know what that tells me? Ohio State is full of winners and is an Elite college football establishment. I am going to continue living in the present and choose to ignore the outside noise of how young Ryan Day is and how he is a sure shot for a NFL head coaching job. As of now Ryan Day is my Head Coach and he will die in Ohio Stadium.

I have to admit I would love for Brian Hartline to be the next coach if day leaves…


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