The Most Exciting 2 Minutes in Sports

Derby day is here. Not only is the Kentucky Derby here, the REGULAR Kentucky Derby is here. No more Covid bullshit with no crowd and horses wearing masks. Ok maybe that last part never happened but it is going to be fun actually watching a normal, regular ass Kentucky Derby for the first time in 3 year.

I think the only thing that won’t be normal is no Bob Baffert for the first time in I think ever. I don’t think the white haired, colored lens, dapper looking Bob Baffert has ever missed a Kentucky Derby in its whole existence. He is a staple. Betting on a Bob Baffert horse was almost always a lock to cash your ticket. I’m pretty sure he is suspended for doing some bad stuff that I am extremely uneducated on so I won’t comment on that but I will miss seeing and making money on Bobby B.

After taking a look at the field, obviously two heavy favorites stand out. Zandon at 3-1 and Epicenter at 7-2. I am not on Epicenter pretty much exclusively due to the horse being in the three slot. Historically horses in the three spot don’t favor well in the Kentucky Derby. Just five winners from the three spot in the last 92 years. I am also not on Zandon. Why? I don’t like the name and its not fun betting the favorite. Maybe that isn’t my most logical take but I don’t really care.

Who I am high on is Cyberknife. First off, this name is unreal. Cyberknife? You shittin’ me? That is a Kentucky Derby winning horse name if I have ever heard one. But in all seriousness Cyberknife secured his spot in the Kentucky Derby as a 20-1 longshot with his win in the Arkansas Derby. The Arkansas Derby is the longest race Cyberknife has ran in and The Kentucky Derby being another 1/8 of a mile longer makes me like horses that win with distance. Holy shit that was some real analysis.

Mo Donegal in the number one post is the other horse I am big on. Starting with the most important part of the horse, his name. I don’t know what it is or what it means. Not ideal. What I do like is that Mo Donegal has hit the board in all five of his races and just won the Wood Memorial. Sources are telling me Mo Donegal has phenomenal finishing speed so don’t be concerned if he is starting in the back.

What is a 100% lock is that the bourbon will be flowing. Exclusively Woodford Reserve. Might even throw a cigar or two in there for the boys. No matter if there is winners or losers on your card, tomorrow is still a top 5 sports day. But lets get some winners!

Official Prediction: Cyberknife 20-1


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