Woody’s Winners 4/7/2022

I straight up was calling myself out in yesterday’s Woody’s Winners. Pretty much calling myself a timid little pussy for not popping off one of these days and going 3-0. I had been flirting with this girl at high school in art class. I would compliment her outfit and tell her how good she was at drawing meanwhile all I could do was draw a 3D cube and thought it was awesome. I’d walk her to her locker and just say see ya the second the bell rang. That scared little high school boy is dead and Mr. 3-0 is here to stay. Your boy popped off and went 3-0.

It’s about damn time. I think it has been over a couple weeks since I had swept the board. Not gonna lie, it feels fan-fucking-tastic. Not to mention winning the first ever Woody Sports parlay is something you should tell your little Woody’s and Woodettes about one day. I really was only looking at the board yesterday as a buffer before The Masters and Opening Day of baseball. If I can sweep the board on buffer days, now that’s something special.

Obviously I am well aware of The Masters starting tomorrow based off of my Twitter and Masters Betting Guide blog but where the fuck did opening day come from? Was there an official announcement I just missed? I had no idea until yesterday that opening day was today. Obviously I was pleasantly surprised but just didn’t see it coming. With that being said this has to be one of the least anticipated MLB seasons. The whole strike/lockout only hurt the MLB. Everyone that was somewhat interested seemed to ask themselves why they were interested at all in the MLB and then realized they weren’t actually interested but it was just a sport they watch sometimes waiting for college football and the NFL to start again. The MLB has been going to the same bar with its friends since college. The MLB didn’t show up for a couple weekends in a row so the friends found a new bar down the street with more TVs, better food and hotter waitresses. The MLB is too stubborn to try the new bar and is stuck drinking by its self with some waitress named patty fetching beers.

No matter how little interest there is in the MLB I’ll always be there for that good time call. As a Reds fan I am use to disappointment. Im use to watching shitty baseball and never being rewarded for it so the MLB at least has me to count on. But all of the spotlight is completely off of opening day and is on The Masters. More specifically it is on one Eldrick Tiger Woods. His first hole sets the mood for the entire tournament. Par means we’re back and ready to compete. Bogey is turn the cameras away from him and don’t let us watch our GOAT bleed out slowly. Birdie is watch the fuck out Jack Nicklaus, Tiger is winning 4 straight majors and taking the record. Check out my masters betting guide blog and my Twitter to follow along with my golf picks the weekend.

Here are my plays:

MLB Parlay: Cardinals and Brewers ML +134 1 Unit. I’m not very caught up to speed on the MLB but as a Reds fan I follow the NL Central and the Cubs and Pirates suck bad.

Buzz buzz: Astros +104 vs LA Angels 1 Unit. I’m hoping that the Astros are still cheating and pull off the W.

Biased Over: Reds Braves Over 8 1 Unit. I really wanted to take the Reds ML but starting against the returning champs is tough. The Reds are going to give up some bombs this year.

The Hockey Over: Canadiens Devils Over 6.5 1 Unit. We are at 3-0 on The Hockey Over this week. The perfect week is in the cross hares. Surely I can’t miss, right?


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