Woody’s Winners 4/8/2022

Well fellas. How bout it? I hope you have been tailing because I am on a kind of sneaky heater. Yet another winning day yesterday at 3-1. I was 2 runs away from 4-0 but probably for the best because then the heater wouldn’t be as sneaky.

I wasn’t very excited for baseball being back but after yesterday I am kind of excited for the season. I think it could be for a few reasons. 1 being I had a winning day yesterday so who wouldn’t be excited about that. I’m kind of in the mindset that betting on baseball is super easy right now so I might turn in to college kid that just broke up with his girlfriend and just straying throwing my junk in anything that moves. 2 being the Reds won. I am fairly confident I saying that them winning will happen less times than them losing so you have to celebrate the small victories in life. Then 3 being that there are no more mid weekday lulls with no games like there has been the past couple of weeks. I want all the action. Give it all to me.

Here are my plays:

Hotdawgs: Rangers +140 @ Blue Jays 1 unit. The Rangers have some hype around then. They made a few splash signings and I think they could be sneaky good this year.

Even Flow: Padres -139 @ D Backs 1 Unit. The D Backs suck. The Padres figure it out here and water finds it’s level.

I like runs: Astros Angels Over 9.5 1 Unit. I’m chasing a monster here. Feed me hits, runs and big yabos in my face.

The Hockey Over: Wild Blues Over 6 1 Unit. 4-0 on the week… This is for perfection Woodheads. Let’s be legends!


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