The Masters 2022 Betting Guide

Holy shit it is here. The greatest golf tournament to ever exist is back again. What could make it any better? Oh, only the greatest golfer to ever live playing 13 months after a devastating car wreck that almost took his right leg. Fair to say there is pretty decent interest around The Masters this week. Just seeing Tiger Woods walking around Augusta feels like a dream. The man looks like a Greek god. His body looks like it doesn’t have a once of fat on it. The guy is the total package as long as he keeps the hat on. Male pattern baldness is a real son of a bitch.

Clearly there are still a million questions surrounding the car accident and the condition he and his leg are in but the biggest news that broke the golf world is his shoes. Yes, Tiger Woods wore a pair of golf shoes that did not have a Nike swoosh on them and instead had FJ. Tiger wearing Foot Joy really isn’t a big deal to the average viewer, but it is crazy to think that a billion-dollar shoe company couldn’t create a pair of golf shoes for the greatest golfer of all time to wear comfortably. If Nike didn’t have a whole team of people working on this for the past few months, then I don’t know what the hell they are doing. If they seriously couldn’t create a shoe Tiger liked, how did Nike not just scrape off the logo from a Foot Joy shoe and throw a Nike swoosh on it? As an engineer, I know the world of marketing in and out; and this must be a huge loss for Nike and all time win for Foot Joy.

Tiger is still leaving the door open that he might not play in The Masters when he says, “Right now, I plan on playing.” That makes me about 95% confident that he will play but there is still that 5% in me that wants to throw up thinking he could pull a Dustin Johnson and walk up to the first tee Thursday, tweak something and withdrawal on the spot. Then of course there is an even bigger chance that he withdrawals mid round or in between rounds. We have seen him do it before and he wasn’t in a life-threatening car crash when that happened. Who am I kidding? This is Tiger fucking Woods we are talking about. I’m done letting the demons creep into my head. This man is playing in the 2022 Masters. No other option.

I would talk about the rest of the field now but who the hell cares about that?

Here are my plays:

Tiger Woods to Win +4800: I absolutely had to take this. A reporter asked him if he thinks he could win and he responded “I do.” Who am I to question the GOAT?

Justin Thomas to Win +1300: Justin Thomas is a guy that should have a Masters win. He is too good to not have won one yet.

Billy Horschel to Win +7500: Quite the longshot here. Billy is really tough to watch at times with his mouth and antics, especially the way he putts. But the guy has been playing really good golf.

Matthew Fitzpatrick top 10 +360: Matty Fitz is the little church mouse in the field. He kind of just minds his business then will sneak in and grab the body of Christ crackers out of nowhere.

Max Homa top 20 +240: I think Homa is a future major winner. He feels like the kind of guy that could go on a few year tear where he collects a whole bunch of top 20 finishes in majors and even wins 1 or 2.

Abraham Ancer top 30 +120: Not much thought behind this one. Ancer played well in the Dell match play and top 30 is pretty doable. Also, he is one of the best dressed guys on tour, so he has that going for him.


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