Woody’s Winners 4/4/2022

Woody’s Winners 4/4/2022

Is Coach K forever seen as a loser now? I think the only answer is yes. I mean, how embarrassing. Losing to your archrival not once but twice at the end the season. Both being debatably the biggest games of the college basketball season. One being the saddest retirement party of all time and the second being the saddest funeral ever. I really was hoping that we would get the Coach K fake injury or fake illness but instead his whole team said fuck it and skipped the handshake line. A lot of you probably won’t blame Coach K for that and instead blame his players for being sore losers. To hell with that. That is just a representation of how poor Coach Ks leadership and mentoring is. No respect and accountability. Like the kid crying and throwing a fit in the checkout line at the grocery store. Nobody blames the kid; it doesn’t know any better. You blame the parent that gave up on discipling the kid over a year ago and started smoking a pack of Pal Mals a day again. Coach K is that lazy parent. He cares more that there isn’t a single grey hair that isn’t painted black on his head than molding the young men on this team. Truly is a disgrace. I also just want to make it clear that none of this slander has anything to do with the fact I lost five units on them not covering. It has everything to do with the additional five units I lost on the future I had of them winning the national championship. Friggin losers.

Oh yeah. Kansas won the other game.

I do think that the National Championship game tonight has lost a lot of its appeal. The story line of Coach Ks last game and potentially going out on top obviously dwarfs any story about UNC and Kansas. I guess it could be Bill Self’s last game at Kansas. Its only a matter of time until the truth comes out about him having his players paid through Adidas. I’m sure he is the only coach to ever have done that.

And of course. Happy Masters week (Tiger week)!

Here are my plays:

Rock Chalk: Kansas -4 vs UNC 1 Unit. Kamnsas would have killed either UNC or Duke if they played them on Saturday with how well Kansas shot the play. Also Kansas plays all out for Bill Self before he goes to jail for paying players.

Hockey Money line?: LA Kings +152 vs Calgary 1 Unit. First spread pick in hockey but seems like two evenly matched teams and I like the plus sign.

Hockey Over: Toronto @ Tampa Over 6.5 1 Unit. I have a good feeling this is the week of the 5-0 Hockey Over. Gotta have a W today.


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