Woody’s Winners 4/1/2022

Yup. Yup. Yup. Another one. Another winning night. 2-1 on the night. I am slowly collecting bullets this week so I can unload the clip this weekend. I am going to drop a monster bet on one of the Final Four games. I am considering making the largest bet I have ever made on it. I am going to keep all of you Woodheads in the dark until I make my final decision this weekend so be on the lookout because I am coming with some serious fucking heat.

This Giannis Antentinkoupo is pretty good, yeah? The Bucks were dead. Like hunter perched right above with the bow drawn back and nothing obstructing the line of view kind of dead.  But then all of a sudden, the wind changed directions, the buck got a scent and was gone. Down 9 with 1:30 left and force overtime. You knew at that point there was no shot the Bucks weren’t going to lose in OT.

Canada is kind of the worst. I thought they were supposed to be good at hockey. Maybe just in Montreal they suck. Not a single goal. What a bunch of losers. Carolina just kind of shoved the Canadians shit back in. You have to hate it when a goalie stands on his head all game while rooting for the over. Those go together like lamb and tuna fish.

I have been having awful luck betting NBA overs on teams that have their star players sit for rest. Luckily Lebron isn’t a star anymore so the over still cashed. The only star that would have screwed the over if he sat out was Mike Conley. My boy is a walking bucket. Donavon Mitchell is pretty good too, I guess.

I did a decent job this week just nickel and diming my way to being safely in the green. A 3-0 night will just be more fuel to the fire on the bomb I am going to drop this weekend.

Here are my plays:

Late Night Over: Suns @ Grizzlies Over 228.5 1 Unit. Friday night. Big time matchup. I’ll be freaking pissed the heck off if any star players sit out of this game.

The Hockey Over: Blackhawks @ Lightning Over 6.5 1 Unit. How the hell has nobody cancelled the nickname Blackhawks yet? I don’t think they should, but I guess the only good thing about being so bad is the snowflakes don’t force you to change your nickname.

The Joker: Nuggets -3.5 vs Timberwolves 1 Unit. Nikola Jokic has been on an absolute tear and will continue to lock down the MVP in this one. No real analysis but I like it.


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