Woody’s Winners 3/9/2022:

I am currently a loser. 0-1 yesterday. What kind of cocky asshole puts out 1 play and is never close to winning. THIS GUY! Boy was I feeling good last week being on one of my hottest gambling streaks and boy am I feeling bad now about putting up back to back L’s. I am the college kid before spring break trying to coast through the last week of exams before getting blasted in Fort Lauderdale.

Conference Tourney week is here now. No more coasting. Shooters shoot and I am gonna be putting up some shots. Here are my plays:

Quack Quack: Oregon -9 vs. Oregon St  1 Unit. The Oregon State Beavers have 3 wins. “And that is all that I have to say about that.” – Forrest Gump

X Gonna Give It To Ya: Xavier -5.5 vs. Butler  1 Unit. Butler is a dead dog. Xavier is a hungry dog. An alive dog beats a dead dog.

Late Night Over: Utah vs. Washington Over 140  1 Unit. Washington has been good to me and we beat Utah in the Rose Bowl so I own them. I don’t know, makes sense to me.

Hockey Over: Capitals vs Edmonton Over 6.5  1 Unit. I am done being afraid of the .5 point. These are two good teams that score goals. In no way is this pick endorsing Ovi and Putin. This is a anti Russia blog I run here.


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