Ohio State Football 2022: First Practice

Ohio State Football is BACK… at practice. This came at the best time for me personally. If you haven’t been following along, I have made it pretty clear how I feel about the Buckeyes Basketball team. DEAD! So, any kind of hope, even the false kind, I’ll take.

My biggest take away from what I saw about the first practice is everyone is JACKED. I didn’t know a lot of the muscles I am seeing even existed. TreVeyon Henderson looks like he could run for 100 yards and a touchdown with his eyes closed.

Speaking of jacked, a name I have heard a lot of is Kourt Williams, defensive back/linebacker. The first time I remember hearing his name was during the Indiana game last year. He made a few impressive tackles late in the curb stomping of Tom Allen (best cheerleader in college football). Having a good safety at Ohio State lately has been like most guys trying to last longer in bed, not happening. We have been missing a competent safety ever since Malik Hooker so hopefully Kourt can step up. No offense to Bryson Shaw, but he was maybe the worst to ever do it.

Nothing else really stood out other than Stroud working on end around runs with Jaxon Smith-Njigba and Emeka Ebuka. I’m not entirely sure why this made me so excited, but it most definitely got the job done. I have convinced myself a 40 yard touchdown end around run to JSN on 4th and 1 against Saban in the College Football Playoff will happen and its all because we practiced it since day 1.

Prediction for the year is hard to say right now. But if you force me to make one, I will say there is no way this team isn’t going undefeated then beating Georgia and Alabama to win the National Championship. Oh, and CJ Stroud has a Heisman winning year.


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