Woody’s Winners 3/2/2022:

Grinded my ass off to a 4-2 day yesterday. Also known as a winning day. The hater(s) were coming out at halftime of Providence Nova. Was Providence getting “slaughtered”?  Sure. That’s why we bet spreads! I don’t need wins, I need covers. And Providence dug a ditch and buried the hater(s) with that cover. The hater(s) were happy when Ohio State and Kansas both lost outright. But then we rattled off three straight easy wins to finish 4-2. See ya pinky!

Yesterday: 4-2   +1.6 Units           Week: 7-3     +3.3 Units

Lets keep cooking. Here are my plays:

Muss Bus: Arkansas -5.5 vs. LSU  1 unit. Muss Bus coming off a big win against Kentucky and keep on rolling.

Rat Line: Auburn -3.5 @ Miss St  2 units. I don’t get this line. I am probably an idiot… definitely an idiot but no way Auburn wins by less than 10 here. 2 UNIT PLAY!

Hockey Over: St Louis @ NY Rangers Over 5.5  1 unit. 2-0. Yup. These teams are good. 5.5? YUP

Late Night Over: Wyoming @ UNLV Over 139.5  1 unit. 2-0 on the week. All that needs to be said.


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