Basketball Buckeyes vs Nebraska: Who even cares

I never even cared. We all saw this coming. Beat Illinois on the road then lose at Maryland and lose at home against Nebraska. Completely predictable. Football School.

Better times.

Watching the second half, I was thinking the whole time that we would eventually go on a 10-0 run and scrape by with a W. Of course, we did go on a run, but it was with a minute left. We never had a shot at winning. Our defense is trash. No physicality. Can’t rebound. And our offense is so inconsistent.

Should Holtmann get shit canned? I don’t think so. I think he exceeded expectations out of the gate and hasn’t improved as much as people want him to. We have been in contention for the Big Ten Champs and were as high as a #2 seed in March Madness. But, we haven’t been the Big Ten champs and we lost as a #2 seed in the first round. False hope.

I still think this team can make it to the second weekend of March Madness and I that will be enough to make most people shut up about firing Holtmann. Then we are on to Football.


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