Public Service Announcement

Allow me to introduce myself…. My name is Bo 

You will come to know me as the trap taking, uneducated degenerate that has the single most dangerous attribute of a gambler…Hope

With the intro being done I got three picks for tonight


Its all about the U tonight! The canes haven’t received much love and have largely gone unnoticed as they currently rank as the 18th best offense in the country according to kenpom.

On the other side, for Boston College it’s been a year to forget. I know the trend of home dogs in college hoops is one you’d usually tail but looking at this BC team…This dog is dying and its time to tell the kids all dogs go to heaven.

Marquette -2

Yet again another home dog’s eyes are getting cloudy and its time to take ole buddy to the farm. Give me Marquette and 3pt efficiency over Depaul.

Auburn -4

Finally I have the high-powered Tigers killing the Bulldogs. This game will bring a smile to Garfield’s face as he watches Odie die before halftime.

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