Woody’s Winners 2/24/2022

2-3 yesterday… better than the day before? Sure. Am I happy about it? Hell no. I feel like a loser because I am a loser. You know who else is a loser? TCU Basketball! Up 5 or more the entire game and then with five minutes left they piss down their leg, lose and blow the cover. 1 of the three TVs almost got chucked off the balcony because of that one. But I take responsibility for my losing record. I am happy about Providence. Not only because they covered in thrilling fashion but also because they got the monkey off of my back. I finally got a win betting on Providence and thank god, because I am never touching them again. Maybe. And of course the random hockey over won because it always does.

Kentucky -7 1u Loss

Wisconsin -4.5 1u Loss

TCU +8.5 1u Loss

Providence -2 1u Winner

Oilers Lightning Over 6.5 1u Winner

Yesterday: 2-3   -1.2u      Week: 5-6-1       -1.4u

Today is the day I get hot. Here is my card:

Ohio State is playing: Ohio State +8 1u. Huge game for my Buckeyes against the Illini. Buying the EJ Liddell might not play dip here also. 8 is too many points for teams this evenly matched. Go Bucks

Rat Line: UCLA -2.5 1u. This line just seems too low not to take it. I should probably fade myself on this one. Lets fade the fade. Bruins BIG.

Late Night Over: USC Oregon St Over 138.5 1u. According to my calculations, USC is good for at least 80. Oregon St can get 60 right?

Hockey Over: Capitals Rangers Over 5.5 1u. Hockey overs don’t miss so I guess this is my most confident pick.


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