#22 Basketball Buckeyes at #15 Illinois Preview

This game is seemingly our last big test of the season with Illinois being the last ranked opponent on the schedule. This game should tell Buckeye fans what kind of team we really are with conference tournament szn coming soon. I still can’t tell whether this team is sucks. I currently lean towards they are above average with great tendencies if that makes sense. The last game really was a great illustration of the season. Had really high highs (beating #1 Duke) and then really low lows (losing at home by a lot to Iowa). It really is a glass half full or half empty situation. You can be positive and think that we found our go to scorer to go with Liddell in Malaki Branham but then also can be negative and think what the hell happen to our offense in the second half for the second game in a row. Clearly Illinois is a better team than Indiana and a sluggish ten minutes of basketball in the second half will not allow us to win.

Illinois is kind of sputtering here lately going 2-2 in there last 4. 1 of those losses being to Rutgers. What kind of shitty team loses to Rutgers? Oh wait… Anyway, somewhat containing Cockburn is obviously the key and more so not allowing him to dominate the offensive glass. That is more likely to happen then not because Ohio State is without a doubt the worst team in the country at allowing second chance points. Hopefully Branham can have back to back god like performances and Liddell can get back on track.

Prediction: A tight one either way, Buckeyes by 5


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