Buckeyes at Illinois Recap: Bye Bye Brad

With no EJ playing last night, the double-digit loss was to be expected… Oh wait, Liddell played? And we won at Illinois? YUP!

Malaki Branham is that dude. Guy is just built different. I don’t know if he has been eating his Wheaties for the past two games but keep doing it. Dropping a 30 bomb against a good Illinois is lottery pick talent. If DeAngelo Russell went third overall, Branham should be up there too.

Michael Jordan flu game? Screw that, it’s the EJ Liddell flu game now. There was definitely a panic in the twitter streets when the questionable tag got thrown on him but Liddell is back. Speaking of twitter, I predicted this to be the Kyle Young game. I was directionally correct with Young putting up 18 and 7 but Branham decided to drop thirty so I guess technically I was wrong.

Oh Brad. I think him and Juwan Howard would be good buddies. Holy hell these coaches get fired up. The Illinois crowd seemed ready to explode. Super hostile environment from the crowd, crazy head coach and then players throwing bows. Ohio State would never sink to their level. Scum.

I do have one request of the Basketball Buckeyes. Cut out the five minutes of absolutely no offense or defense in the second half. This is the reoccurring theme of the last three games and some how we have managed to be 2-1 but that could have easily been 0-3. Nothing is new though. This team still gives me a heart attack every game. A win is a win. Good teams win, great teams cover. Go Bucks.


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