Woody’s Winners 3/1/2022:

THIS IS MARCH! One of the best gambling months is finally here. Not to get cocky but i finally had a winning day yesterday (3-1 no big deal) so I think I am about to face fuck march to put it lightly.

Yesterday started hot at 2-0 and I tried my best to jinx myself by bragging on twitter that 4-0 was extremely alive. Yes I am plugging my own twitter.

Luckily UCLA and Washington scored 20 plus points in the final 4 minutes to hit the over and keep me from making a complete ass of myself. I think I have said think before but screw Texas, they are a fraudulent athletic program. Losers.

Iowa -10.5 vs Northwester 1 unit. Winner

Texas +1.5 vs Baylor 1 unit. Loser

Toronto Washington Over 6.5 1 unit. Winner

UCLA Washington Over 139 1 unit. Winner

Yesterday: 3-1 +1.8 units

The March dominance starts today. Here are my plays:

I’m back on Providence: Providence +9.5 @ Nova 1 unit. I hate myself for this pick, I really do. 9.5? Why? Have to!

Bounce Back: Kansas -6 @ TCU 1 unit. I can’t imagine Kansa losing back to back games heading into march with a 1 seed on the line. 10 point win easy.

Home Dog: Wisconsin +3 vs Purdue 1 unit. These teams are very evenly matched. I’ll take the points especially at home.

Buckeyes are playing: Ohio State -15 vs Nebraska 1 unit. Get right game.

Hockey Over: Boston @ ANA Over 5.5 1 unit. 1-0 about to be 2-0 on the week.

Late Night Over: Arizona @ USC Over 150 1 unit. 1-0 about to be 2-0 on the week. 150 is a monster number…


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