Ohio State @ Maryland Recap: What the hell

Bad. Disgusting. Gut wrenching. Made me want to puke. I mean what the hell? The ground work was done. We beat Illinois. Now all we have to do is not come out completely flat against a .500 Maryland team. And we did…

This makes me wonder what I ever got my hopes up. Its the same thing that I said in previous blogs. Holtmann is good for a few big wins in games we are supposed to lose then we lose to shitty big ten schools. Rutgers, Iowa and now Maryland.

Feels far too much like last year. I think that this team could beat any team i the country if we are playing the way we are supposed to. But then they get hyped up become the 2 seed in march madness then they lose to Oral Roberts in the first round making you question your existence on this world. Makes you miss the Conley and Oden days. Branham=Conley Liddell=Oden????? All we have is hope.


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