Madden? More like Shmadden…

It’s official. The Madden NFL video game franchise is DEAD! It’s a joke and nobody should play it ever again and especially this year. One of the best wide receivers in the league just got absolutely back handed to the face. JAMAAR CHASE IS A CERTIFIED TOP 10 WR IN THE NFL!

The disrespect put on the rookie of the year. This has to be a joke or a troll job right? 81 receptions. 1,455 receiving yards. 13 touchdowns! I demand that an intern is fired immediately.

Ok… now I want blood. Fire the CEO. Fire Biden. I don’t care. I need vengeance. Tied for 18th. This is a troll job. It is the only reasonable explanation for how the wide receiver that led the Bengals to a super bowl would be almost outside the top 20 in the madden rankings.

Adam Thielen… Adam fucking Thielen??? I can see Jamaar being just outside the top 5, if I set my bias aside. But Adam Thielen?!? NO.

My realistic top 5 is:

1.Jamaar Chase

2. Cooper Kupp

3. Terry McLaurin

4. Mike Thomas

5. Tee Higgins

Atta boy Jamaar. Let your haters be your motivators. No post Super Bowl loss let down this year. You can’t let those four eyed nerds at EA punk you like that. Suck this tiger dick, bitch. WHO DEY!


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