The 150th British Open Betting Guide

It’s The Open weekend. For all of us red blooded Americans, I will specify. It is The British Open weekend. Do British golf fans actually get pissed if people call it the British Open? If so that is softer than the hardo Ohio State fans that force you to say “THE” Ohio State Buckeyes. Yes, that’s right, I can set aside my Ohio State ego to see through some of the bull shit. Classic Woody, finding a way to relate golf to the Buckeyes.

Anyway, I will be onboard with calling The British Open, The Open, if and only if it is always played at St. Andrews. I think that is a fair compromise. Obviously, St. Andrews is one of the top 2 most famous course in the world, but it gets forgotten about every year that a major is not played there. Now Augusta National, the top 1 most famous golf course, is never slept on. The Master doesn’t allow it to be slept on due to it being a yearly tradition. All I am saying is it is a win win. People will respect “The Open” more and St. Andrews can finally compete with Augusta for the #1 golf course in the world.

Ok let’s gamble now. If I am being honest, I haven’t been live bullet (gambling with money) since the end of May. Baseball got boring very quickly. But I am confident in my return and even more confident that my return is The British Open (not The Open).

Lets run this thing back. Here is my card:

Patrick Cantlay to Win +2400

No hat Pat killed the Euros in the Ryder cup and I see no reason why he can’t do it again.

Victor Hovland to Win +4500

Gotta love the odds here. Same thought process as last years winner. Young guy on the come up with crazy odds.


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