Former Cougar QB Now Hunts Them

If you don’t live under a rock, you probably heard about the latest NFL QB dating drama. But for those of you that haven’t heard, I will gladly tell you about Zach Wilson banging his mom’s friend. ALLEGEDLY!

So quick recap of Zach Wilson’s recent dating history. Mr. Wilson dated a young lady in college, and she was still with him the night he got drafted. Zach supposedly ended things with the chick (I’m assuming she told everyone it was mutual). Unsurprisingly, the starting QB for the New York Jets found a new girlfriend. He moved on, nothing crazy so far. Now for the drama.

Zach’s ex-girlfriend started dating a guy that Zach went to college with. I guess I am underselling it because it was his college roommate and teammate. Not only was he his teammate but his #1 wide receiver during their time as BYU Cougars, Dax Milne. I guess there is no bro code in the Mormon bible.

Of course, once this became public knowledge, Dax and the ex-girlfriend got dragged on the internet. Other former BYU teammates sided with Zach along with the entire world. Then Zach’s Ex dropped a bomb.

The reason I brought up draft night earlier was because the woman sitting at Zach’s table that got the most attention was Zach’s mom. What does that have to do with her friends’ attractiveness? Nothing, but the internet stays winning and dug up this.

Congrats to Zach I guess if you are into that kind of thing. Two consenting adults and love is love I suppose. Once a cougar, always into cougars? The Mormons are and will forever be a mystery.


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