Baker Mayfield is Now Surrounded by People That Hate Him

It finally happened. Baker Mayfield has been traded after months of him being a sour puss. It was March when Baker originally requested a trade but clarified the request by saying “its in the mutual interest for both sides to move on.” I think my buddy in high school said the same thing when his girlfriend canned his ass. Clearly Baker wasn’t getting the job done on the field, just like my buddy wasn’t getting it done in bed, so the Browns upgraded to someone that could get the job done. Too soon for Deshaun Watson bed jokes? Probably. Anyway, I think every NFL franchise would pick a potentially suspended Deshaun over a healthy Baker. 

I think Baker got exactly what he wanted. What former first overall pick in the NFL draft wouldn’t want to be traded for a fifth-round pick? Baker has never been an overconfident asshole in the past so hopefully this lights a fire under his ass to start acting like a competent quarterback. All jokes aside I really do hate the guy. I hope Sam Darnold beats him out for the starting spot and they continue to play those awful insurance commercials all Sunday long reminding everyone about how big of a failure Baker has become. Don’t ever plant an opposing team’s flag in Ohio Stadium or karma will bite you in the ass.

Good for Baker though. He got out of a relationship that in his words “was too far gone to mend” and got thrown into a relationship where he is disrespected and hated on. As a fantasy football player, I wasn’t planning on drafting Robby Anderson but now I really am not interested. Based on how Baker has handled drama and criticism in the past, I would have to imagine this isn’t going to end well for Robby’s target share this year.

I don’t understand why Ben Macado still has a job in the NFL. Even for how bad Baker is, I think the Panthers would gladly pick Baker over Macado if it came to that. The only real reason I could get behind Macado still being employed is because of his hair. The guy has to have a strict regime that he follows religiously. 

Overall, I think it is a shit trade for both sides. What the hell are you going to do with a fifth-round pick if you are the Browns? And congrats Panthers, you now have a quarterback competition between a child that sees ghost on the field and a diva that will hate your fanbase the second one person criticizes him for sucking. Meanwhile, the Bengals have a revamped O-Line and Joey B has got the fellas on the move. Who Dey.


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