The Big 12s Push To Stay Alive

Hey? Stop me if you have heard this phrase in the last couple of weeks. Conference realignment. Like every living human being predicted, there are more potential teams on the move. Although, this time is a bit different. The last moves were the strong getting more steroids shot in their ass. The SEC getting Oklahoma and Texas. The Big Ten getting USC and UCLA. Solid moves on the chess board. I say chess because now the Big 12 wants to play but unfortunately, I believe they are playing checkers instead.

If the Big 12 is playing checkers, I don’t know what the hell the Pac 12 is playing. I guess tic-tac-toe? I’m not sure which game between checkers and tic-tac-toe takes more brain power but I trust that you get the point. If these moves happen, the Pac 12 is actually the laughingstock of college football. Even more so than they have already been. The Pac 12 hasn’t been relevant since Marcus Mariota lost to Cardale “12 Gauge” Jones in the first ever College Football Playoff Championship.

[CBS] – The Big 12 is involved in deep discussions to add multiple Pac-12 programs as a way to shore up its membership in the wake of the USC and UCLA defection to the Big Ten, sources tell CBS Sports. At least four teams are being considered with the potential for the Big 12 to add more as realignment continues to shake out.

Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado and Utah were mentioned specifically as the teams being targeted by the Big 12, sources tell CBS Sports. There is also consideration of adding Oregon and Washington to make the Big 12 an 18-team league, the largest in the FBS.

A merger of the Big 12 and Pac-12, in some form, is also a possibility.

“Everything is on the table,” said one Big 12 source

These quotes says it all. Neither the Pac 12 or Big 12 know what the hell they are doing. It seems like they are both smart enough to know something needs to happen so they don’t become extinct. But this tells me they are grasping at straws. Throwing shit at the wall and seeing what will stick if you will. You smell what I’m stepping in?

I have finally come around to the whole conference realignment idea for football. I understand that money runs the world and college athletics is definitely not immune to that truth. But I honestly haven’t considered college basketball. I don’t care a whole hell of a lot that college basketball might be weird now because as we all know football is king. But this feels like it might mess up conference tourneys and March Madness to an extent. I think at this point college basketball and college football need to allow separate conferences. I agree that college football is just two or three conferences every year that really matter so making two mega conferences makes sense. But the parity in college basketball is far greater between the conferences. March Madness and conference tournaments are not broken so don’t try to fix it. 


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