Jim Harbaugh Is The WORST

Like I have said in past blogs, I am trying to get into this whole Tik Tok thing. If you haven’t heard of it let me, a person who doesn’t even have the app downloaded, explain it to ya. It is a straight up theft of Vine (the best social media app of all time). The only thing different is the videos are much longer and there is a lot more dancing. Neither of which I am a fan of. But, as a 25 year old I need to try and stay “hip”. As the kids say, no cap.

I happened to stumble across a Tik Tok video that made my ears bleed. I thought I might actually die. Ok, maybe that is a bit dramatic, but this video almost made me puke up my leftover olive garden shrimp scampi that was two days old. 

Based on my Ohio State fandom I am not allowed to be a big Eminem fan but if Eminem was dead, he would roll over in his casket and bury himself deeper in the ground to get further away from whatever that was. I apologize for ruining all of your days, but misery loves company, so I needed all of you to be miserable with me. Before watching the video there should be a warning for sexual harassment of the ears and not the good kind. I don’t think there is a good kind, but I know foot fetish people exist, so you never know. It is 2022 after all. 

At this point in the calendar year, any college football topic always leads back to recruiting. I hate to kick the man while he is down but stunts like these might be why TTUN is barley beating out Indiana for second to last place in the Big Ten 2023 recruiting rankings. If I am an 18 year old three star (yes I say 3 star because that is the best talent they can get up there) I have 2 questions. 1, who is Eminem? I just assume 18 year old’s don’t know Eminem. And 2, who would want to play for this nerd? 

I hate to admit it, but the star of the show here is Papa Harbaugh. Just an all-time classic old man seat dancing clinic that was put on by the ole timer. Barely move and make weird facial expressions. It was a master class performance. The hat saying “Papa” on it is just running up the score. Again, I hate to pay the worst family in the country a compliment, but I might be a Papa Harbaugh fan now. Typing that out makes me puke… ok this time might be because of the scampi.


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