The Buckeyes have won the 2024 Football National Championship

I have already declared that the Buckeyes have won the 2022 CFP National Championship. Also sprinkled in there, CJ stroud has won the 2022 Heisman. 60 passing TDs really set him apart from the field. Now that this upcoming season is already in the past, it is on to the future. THE Ohio State Buckeyes just became the number 1 recruiting class for 2023. So I don’t even believe it is a stretch to say the Buckeyes have also won the 2024 Natty.

On Ryan Days way to world domination (#1 recruiting class) he stomped over those pretentious assholes from South Bend, Indiana. The Norte Dame Fighting Irish had the top spot for a while but had a lower average recruit ranking than the Buckeyes the duration of their time at the top (Buckeyes: 94.15 Fighting Potatoes: 92.72). So it is more than fair to say that Notre Dames #1 spot was fraudulent. It’s also fair to say that Notre Dames 2023 recruiting class rank is very similar to how most of there football seasons finish. The fighting leprechauns start the season undefeated and finally get some respect after going 6-0. They are ranked high but all the real college football fans know the crash and burn is coming and sure as shit the crash and burn happens. They lose to some academy school or Stanford and are exposed for the real frauds they are.

The Catholics won’t have any hype or excitement this year when the Buckeyes curb stomp them week 1 in the shoe. I know they like there new coach for now but after daddy day waxes that ass by 50 they will do what they do best and cry for a new coach. While they are in turmoil, Ohio State will be on the way to a undefeated championship season.

Now back to the future. Ohio State secured the #1 recruiting class with three WR commitments and 4 star corner back. The wide receivers we have coming are truly something special. Brandon Inniss and Carnell Tate are both 5 stars and a nice little 4 star named Noah Rodgers. I personally am a huge fan of the new strategy of get a gun slinging QB and the three best WRs in the country. It worked pretty well last year so let’s keep running that play until it doesn’t work. Side note. My favorite play of all time is when Ohio State ran counter with Zeke Elliot when beating Bama. 85 yards through the heart of the south. End of side note. I am being realistic when I say the Buckeyes win the 2024 championship because I don’t want to be an arrogant asshole and think we win the championship the first year with the top recruiting class. As always, I represent the rational and fair fan base of THE Ohio State Buckeyes. Go Bucks.


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