The Largest College Football NIL Deal Is Irrelevant

Jaden Rashada is a 2023 4 star high school QB recruit. He just committed to play football at the University of Miami. He had offers elsewhere but surprisingly chose the Canes over the Florida Gators. If I am boring you to tears I will hurry up and get to the good part. The reason Jaden is making it on the best Ohio State sports blog, AKA Woody Sports, is because of the NIL deal he signed to play at the U. It was the largest NIL deal to date coming in at a reported 9.5 million dollars. Holy shit! But wait, the kid turned down an 11 million dollar NIL deal that the Florida Gators had offered him. Mind absolutely blown! I remember just last year joking that these kids would be taking a pay cut going pro and now that joke is a reality.

What the fuck makes this Jaden kid so special. He is only a 4 star recruit. Ryan Day and Brian Hartline wipe their asses with 4 star commitments because they have so many. I must be missing something with this kid. I have been trying to get into this new thing I heard of called Tik Tok. Maybe he is a famous tik tok’r? I don’t know but I do know the kid is richer than I would be in 5 lifetimes. I was thinking 10 lifetimes at first, but I like to think in the 3rd or 4th life I would do something cool to make at least a few million.

Now to back up the bold statement I made in the title of this blog. The Miami Hurricanes can throw all the money in the world at any recruit they want, they are still an irrelevant school with only hopes and dreams of being one of the big boys in college football. Florida jumping in the mix only makes this point more true. These southern so-called football schools might as well light the millions of dollars on fire and piss on it. That would be less of a waste of an investment than funding their football teams. Should I mention which school had the largest NIL deal before Miami? The Tennessee Volunteers! I couldn’t have picked three schools from the south that are more pathetic. What do all these schools have in common? They have orange in their uniform, and they haven’t sniffed relevancy since the 2000’s. The next school that would be too perfect for having the largest NIL deal has to be Texas. Horns down.

Sorry Tennessee, Peyton Manning (who never won a national championship) aint walking through that tunnel. Miami, call me when a 35 year old Jimmy Johnson is your head coach again and I might care. And Florida, I will actually run for the hills if Tim Tebow tries to play college football again. He doesn’t still have eligibility, does he? There isn’t a rule that you get a year of eligibility for how many kids to baptize in the Philippines right?


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