Baseball Brawls and Delivery Guys

Did y’all catch the Mariners Angels game yesterday? I’m sure many of you did because how could the average baseball fan miss a day game on the west coast in the middle of a Sunday. No real excuse if you think about it. The responsible people on this earth should have been back from having their chocolate chip pancakes at brunch after church and the heathens should have had time to finish their Sunday late morning hangover cure. Anyway, for those of you that may have missed, Jesse Winker (former Reds best player that they traded for peanuts and a used condom) pulled off his best Amir Garret and solo brawled the entire Angels team. It truly was a valiant effort! He didn’t get as good of punches in that Amir did but when you go 1 vs. 20 you instantly gain my respect.

Top brawl so far this year. I say brawl and not fight because I still consider Will Smith’s smack heard around the solar system the best fight of the year. But the aftermath of the Winker brawl is what really brought me to type into a keyboard and think of big words for 30 minutes. 

The fandom and respect shown by this rainbow flag twitter user is something that needed to be written about. All time class move. After all the brawls I lost in college, there is nothing that would fix my broken face better than a slice of pizza. The all-time any bad situation cure. Not only did our rainbow Mariners fan order the pizza, she damn well made sure the job got done.

Simranjeet is the man! All around team effort from the fellas here. Not a single member from the story that did not carry their weight. Also, Jesse Winker with an A+ likeability day. Try to fight some assholes then DM a random fan that ordered you a pie. Baseball Brawls and Delivery Guys named Simranjeet, if that isn’t American, I don’t know what is.


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