The Man Who Has It All: Brian Hartline

With the first round of the NFL draft being last night, everyone loves to get their take in on who won and lost the draft along with grading every teams pick. Outside of the Bengals I honestly don’t give a flying f$#% about any of that. What I do care about is Ohio State football and the best assistant coach in all of college football right now, Brian Hartline. I know that everyone is saying the eagles and giants had the best nights but absolutely no individual had as good of a night as Brian Hartline. When you have three of your players drafted at 10, 11 and 12, you win the night by a landslide and deserve any promotion and money you want. Brian Hartline should now be the most protected man in the state of Ohio.

I think most Ohio State fans knew we had someone special but Brian Hartline whipped it out last night for all of the country to see and everyone got on their knees and admired. I mean the man has it all. He was a silent stud wide receiver at Ohio State. Got drafted by the Dolphins and was a solid WR2 for the good part of a decade in the NFL. Then roles straight in to college football and immediately becomes one of the most dominate position coaches in the country. How the hell do you not go play for Hartline if you are a high school five star wide receiver? He doesn’t even have to recruit anymore. Last night did all the recruiting for him. He can simply walk into a room and say “10, 11 and 12”, walk out and have another five star commit to the Buckeyes.

Oh and I have to mention that he was the best dressed at the combine also. The dude simply is winning at all aspects of his life right now. The scariest thing for the rest of college football is we still have a better wide receiver than Wilson, Olave and Williams on the team. Jaxson Smith Njigba broke records last year and was supposed to be the WR3… We saw what he could do with out Wilson and Olave on the field in the Rose Bowl. How did that go? Oh, he broke the record for most yards in a bowl game. “But Woody, he is the only receiver on the team, he can’t do it all.” Shut up losers! Marvin Harrison caught three touchdowns in the rose bowl. No big deal. Buckeyes won the draft again and National Championship season is fully on this year

Go Bucks!


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