Woody’s 2022 NFL Draft Betting Guide

Happy NFL Draft day! This has to be overwhelmingly the most exciting day for every NFL fan. The reason being because every team has one thing in common. HOPE! Even Lions fans have hope which let me tell ya, that hope is false hope. Don’t tell Lions fans that though. Let them have the rest of the offseason being optimistic and have all their hopes and dreams crumble in front of them like they always do.

I kind of feel bad picking on the Lions because they really are the low hanging fruit but screw it. Like I have said in previous blogs, this draft has absolutely zero pop. Last years draft was kind of bad for out expectations of drafts going forward. Three QBs to start the draft and the first six picks being skill positions. That shit is POP. The only guarantee being Trevor Lawrence at #1 and them who the hell knows for the rest of the picks. This year definitely has a lot of who the hell knows throughout the first round but also who the hell cares if it is a bunch of sub tier players.

Lets spice up the NFL Draft how we spice up all sporting events. Throw some cash on it! This will be my first year gambling on the Draft because in the past I was so invested in the players that I didn’t need outside entertainment. But like I said earlier, this draft need all the outside entertainment possible. The plan is to bet on the over under draft position on all potential first round QBs and skill position players. So unfortunately that means only QBS and WRS since the RBs and TEs aren’t anything to get excited about this year. Based on my picks you will quickly find out I am not high on the QBs either.

Here are my plays:

Malik Willis: Over 13.5 +115

Kyle Pickett: Over 16.5 +120

Desmond Ridder: Over 30.5 +115

Garret Wilson: Over 9.5 -145

Jameson Williams: Under 11.5 +120

Drake London: Over 10.5 -120

Chris Olave: Under 16.5 -220

Treylon Burks: Over 23.5 -130

Jahan Dotson: Over 30.5 -160


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