Woody’s Winners 4/25/2022

Alright fellas. Here is the thing. I have been following a pattern of a unreal winning week that inflates my ego and makes me think I am a millionaire (I know, crazy, how am I not a millionaire? Yet…).  Then followed by a losing week you should only read about in the news for the reason that I passed away. I guess at this point in my career it would be tough to think that I would be mentioned in the news if I was to die from my heart exploding after losing all my bets. But hey, a man can dream. I think that would be a first of its kind.

On a separate note, I miss football. I think it is always around this time of year that the no football depression sets in. Normally I can get really into the NFL draft as a substitute to swallowing a whole bottle of anti-depressants. But I can’t even get pumped about the draft with out getting dangerously pissed off. I keep seeing everyone saying Aidan Hutchinson is better than both Bosa brothers and it makes me want to punch a small child. Ok, not really but Aidan Hutchinson could not hold a Bosa brothers jock strap.  But outside of that the Draft should be a blast! Bengals are gonna draft a future Hall of Famer on the offensive line and are going to win the next five Super Bowls. Five might be crazy, six sounds more realistic. Ok, enough irrational thoughts thrown into a blog for now. Let’s get back to what keeps the lights on here at Woody Sports HQ. WINNERS!

Here are my plays:

Trash bag city: Rockies +1.5 -120 @ Phillies 1 Unit. The Phillies are overrated as hell like always.  Somehow the Rockies are decent? Sheetz is far superior to Wawa and I never been within 100 miles of a Wawa.

Diamond Dog: Red Sox ML +120 @ Blue Jays 1 Unit. Every one that consumes Woody Sports content knows that I am a huge fan of wagon asses. And nobody has got a ba donka donk quite like Vladdy Jr. It kills me but I am off the wagon for this one.

Dodgers are good: Dodgers -1.5 -110 @ Diamondbacks 1 Unit. This is strictly a don’t thin just shoot pick. The Dodgers are very good, and I think they will win. I am willing to financially back this thought process.

The Hockey Over: Flyers Blackhawks Over 6.5 1 Unit.  5-0 last week on The Hockey Over again… Is this the only game on today? Sure. Am I gonna just not bet a hockey over? No shot chief.

Prop Top: Mike Conley Over 11.5 points 1 Unit. I am 1-1 on scrappy point guard point total overs. So, I decided to go with the scrappiest in the league. No man I would rather bet on here to break the tie.


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