Woody’s Winners 4/21/2022

1, 2, 3 and to the 4??  Shout out Snoop Dogg. Anyway, I am officially streaking again. Not the dick and ass out kind like Will Ferrell in Old School. “You’re my boy Blue!” But the kind that means I have had more success than I have had failure, with this little thing called sports gambling, over the course of three days.

Now that I mentioned Will Ferrell, we must have the conversation of his best movies. I have a clear top 3 and it’s not even close. Number 3 is Talladega Nights. Ricky Bobby is an all-time character. I think most people call the movie Ricky Bobby anyway.  

Number 2 is Old School. It’s a classic with a heavy hitting cast lead by everyone’s favorite fratty dad, Vince Vaughn. Definitely has to be one of Will Ferrell’s most quotable movies if not the number one most quotable.

Number 1 is a no brainer, Step Brothers. This may be the best movie of all time. You ever hit someone with a “you know what helps for a hurt shoulder? If you lick my butthole.” That is the peak of movie script writing right there. All three of these are 100% of the time being turned on the tv if I scroll past them on the tv guide. And I will sit on my couch in my own filth belly laugh for 2 hours every time.

B.A.T.R. Betting against the reds is kind of starting to feel bad. I feel bad because I am betting against guys that will all be fired within the next year, and I am making profit off of their failures. Who am I kidding? Fuck’m. They are a sorry ass excuse for a ball club, and I like money.

I hate NBA player prop bets. I am 0-2 on then this week but it feels like 0-100. I can’t give up quite yet.  Feels like the kind of bet that when you finally win, you win in bunches. Does that make sense? No but it makes sense to me so back off.

Let’s get into it. Here are my plays:

Reds aren’t playing: Athletics -1.5 +165 vs Orioles 1 Unit. Well unfortunately I can’t bet against the Reds. So, the Orioles are a decent cancellation prize. They just won yesterday so no shot they win two in a row.

Keep Rollin’: Yankees -1.5 -103 vs Tigers 1 Unit. Might as well keep fucking this chicken. Tigers are a good punching bag for the Yankees to keep winning.

The Hockey Over: Sabers vs Devils Over 6.5 1 Unit. 3-0 on the week. I am not only a hockey guy, I am THE hockey guy.

Prop Top: Patrick Beverly Over 9.5 points 1 Unit. Switching up the strategy. I found out that picking the best player to score over 30 points isn’t a recipe for success. Pat Bev has gotta be good for 4 layups and a few free throws.


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