Woody’s Winners 4/20/2022

Come on now! I’m catching a little bit of fire again. Like I said yesterday, the steaks are real. It truly is a week by week up or down trend. By the time every Tuesday blog comes out, you Woodheads should already know weather to tail me or not. Luckily for my 500 plus followers (most definitely not a humble brag) this is a sell the wife’s diamond necklace that was passed down from her great grandmother and put that all on a Woody’s Winners. Please always bet responsibly though. 1-800-Gambler. So, for some of you, maybe not Mawmaws diamond bracelet. But the 14k gold bracelet instead.

B.A.T.R. Also known as Bet Against The Reds. One of the easiest winners going this day and age. This Reds team is the Pirates of last year. They might win eventually, but oh boy, will there be a shit ton of more losses coming. And I would put my money where my mouth is that those losses will be by more than 1 run.

My new go with the crowd bet lost again. The NRFI was a ginormous failure and now the NBA player prop bet is trending in that direction. One thing you will learn about me is that I am a man of extremes. If a bet losses, I will mother fuck and ban myself from betting that team or player but another thing I am is stubborn. I will take body blows until I am pissing blood and I have taken the first body blow from the NBA player prop bet. No blood yet.

Two weeks ago, The Hockey Over went undefeated and then last week it was not even close to winning once. Well, if you have been paying attention that means this week should be back to undefeated. And guess what? It sure as hell is. If I am being honest. it is mentally exhausting going on these insane streaks of good then bad. I feel like the adult who is casually floating in the pool during adult swim time and then immediately once that whistle blows, five booger eaters cannon ball right on top off me. I need to find a way to get rid of the booger eaters.

Here are my plays:

Reds 11th Loss: Padres -1.5 +107 vs Reds 1 Unit. B.A.T.R. is here to stay. The Reds are 1-9 in the last 10 so I don’t see anything changing here.

Diamond Dog: Cardinals +116 @ Marlins 1 Unit. I have this crazy strategy with betting on these Diamond Dogs and it has seemed to be working.  Bet on a team that I think is better than the other team… Crazy right?

Jack Sparrow: ML Parlay Athletics and Angels to win +203 1 Unit. Ohtani is pretty friggin good at all of baseball. He is kind of like the kid that is a beast at everything at 5 years old but in the MLB. Then I am still convinced the Orioles are as bad as they were last year so feed me the Athletics.

Prop Top: Jayson Tatum Over 30.5 Points 1 Unit. I have heard great things about this young man. Don’t know shit about the guy but seems like a walking bucket so I like that.

The Hockey Over: Capitals @ Golden Knights Over 6.5 1 Unit. I have one thing and one thing only to say. 3-0.


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