Woody’s Winners 4/19/2022

Oh shit, watch out. Your boy is back. 3-1 on the night last night with 1 of the 3 being a +2.5 unit parlay winner. I have got to be one of the streakiest gamblers in the game right now. I put up some absolute dog shit stinkers last week. I think I had three of the five days without winning a single bet. To be honest, I was a bit depressed about it.  A lot of long nights looking at myself in the mirror wondering if I would ever win again. Then I remembered the 1 to 10 woodheads that read these blogs every day. I couldn’t let them down. I remembered its not the name on the back of the jersey, it’s the name on the front. The blog must go on. Even if I but out the worst gambling picks of all time. Which I absolutely did last week.

No Run First Inning bets are dumb and stupid and cancelled. Never again will I bet a NRFI. I got caught up in the movement. It really is an exhilarating bet, but damn did I lose just about every one of them. I would just pick two average to below average teams playing each other, forgetting that the pitching is just as bad or worse than the hitting. So never again… maybe.

Betting against the Reds should be the new movement. Maybe it already is, and I was blinded by my fandom, but it is just too easy. The Reds may be the worst baseball team I have ever seen in my life. Yesterday was there first time leading in the past 8 games and it only lasted a total of ten minutes. I am hammering run line every game. This team is losing 100 games no doubt.

I have been seeing a lot of NBA player props on the Twitters lately and it is giving me FOMO. I want to join in on the fun. Based on all the accounts I follow; they have never lost an NBA player prop bet before so it must be easy right?  You don’t think they are lying or deceiving me, do you?

Here are my plays:

Prop Top: CJ McCollum Over 25 points -130 1 Unit. I’m all in on the NBA prop bet fad. I’m a huge fan of “side bets”. A little prop bet action is like asking your buddy $5 on Rock, Paper, Scissors. Thrilling.

Reds 10th Loss: Padres -1.5 vs Reds -103 1 Unit. Like I said earlier. This team fucking blows. There is no hope there never was hope. Reds catch their 10th loss in a blowout tonight.

Diamond Dog: White Sox ML +124 @ Guardians 1 Unit. I know Bieber is the better pitcher in this one, but I still like betting on the better team. The Guardians can guard deez nuts. Yeah idk.

The Yankee Clipper: Yankees -1.5 @ Tigers -125 1 Unit. This Gerrit Cole guy has got to figure it out eventually. I don’t know if there is such thing as a get right game in the MLB but why not have one against one of the longest losing franchises to ever exist.

The Hockey Over: Red Wings @ Lightning Over 6.5 1 Unit. 1-0 on the week thus far. Shall we just continue winning? Or shalln’t we? No shot that is a word.


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