Woody’s Winners 4/12/2022

Woody’s Winners 4/12/2022

If you recall yesterday’s Woody’s Winners blog, I predicted that I would be saying how bad of a week it was by Friday. Well, I sure am on a good pace for the worst gambling week in Woody Sports history. 0-3-1 is not what I like to see. For some reason, I’m not even really that mad about it. The push in the Mets Phillies game and the hockey over losing by 1 goal were tough but its was pretty comical how bad the other games lost. It is like the kid in speech class that is terrified of public speaking and the nervous coping mechanism that comes out is a laugh after everything said. You just have to laugh the pain away. Haven’t they always said ignoring your emotions is a good thing?

This is setting up to be the week from hell. I got all cocky on MLB picks last week. I never even went undefeated in a day so I wish someone would have brushed the chip off of my shoulder. I do think I have a game changer I am going to unveil today. NRFI. Also known as No Runs First Inning. The most electric bet in baseball. I have had zero success with it thus far, but I am stubborn as hell and a sucker for a gambling rush, good or bad. NFRI is here to stay.

Here are my plays:

The Hockey Over: Ducks @ Panthers Over 6.5 1 Unit. The panthers are a fucking wagon so I ‘m hopping on for a ride.

Diamond Dog: Blue Jays +103 @ Yankees 1 Unit. Speaking of wagons, Vladdy Jr. has got the best wagon in baseball. Can’t bet against a dinger hitting wagon.

Parlay: Brewers and Rays Money Line +137 1 Unit. This is a bet against the Orioles, and I needed a way to make the odds return some decent cash so lets on one of the best teams in the league too.

Mashed Taters: Mets @ Phillies Over 8.5 1 Unit. I liked it yesterday and it lost. I LOVE it today.

NRFI: Padres Giants No Runs First Inning 1 Unit. We got a pitchers duel in this one. Lets get this one of to a hot start.


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