Woody’s Winners 4/11/2022

Last week was pretty sweet if I do say so myself. I recorded a winning record every day and The Hockey Over went 5-0 for the perfect week. I have been close a couple times put I really put the time in the lab this past week, crunching the numbers and researching which teams cycle the puck, put pucks in deep and put pucks on net. Lesser men would become complacent after the outrageous amount of success I have had recently. And trust me, the success amount is unmatched. But no, not this guy. I have written too many blogs and spent too much time growing the Twitter account for exactly zero financial return to stop now. That’s the difference between Woody Sports and those “other guys”. They make you become a VIP and shell over your hard-earned cash for “guaranteed” winners. Not Woody Sports, I will give you my shitty picks that might win every now and then for free. It’s the love of the game here at Woody Sports. Oh, and a little message to my haters. Well, I don’t really have any haters that I am aware of at the moment because I’m not relevant enough to have any. But I will definitely think of a message for the haters for when the time comes. Because the haters will cum.

Alright, end of rant. If I had to fast forward to the end of the week, I imagine I will be talking about how awful of a week I have had. Any kind of gambling success absolutely kills my confidence and keeps me looking over my shoulder waiting for the gambling god to whip me with their rather large fifth leg and bring me back to reality. Let’s see how long I can avoid a dick slap.

Here are my plays:

Ballpark Dog: Miami +122 @ LA Angels 1 Unit. I actually thought I liked the Angels in this one and then I looked at who was pitching. As a Reds fan I have watched Michael Lorenzen receive way too much hype for zero success. Now he is a starting pitcher? Yikes.

Real Housewives of Atlanta: Braves -110 vs Nationals 1 Unit. There isn’t a real housewifes of DC, is there? Probably would be too political. Lets stick to sports. Is Braves the next offensive team name to get changed?

Big Fat Yabos: Mets Phillies Over 9 1 Unit. Lets mash some dingers. What say you? Neither team has a relevant pitcher going so should be a warzone with all the bombs being dropped. Add it to the dad joke tally.

The Hockey Over: Winnipeg Montreal Over 6.5 1 Unit. The more I think about this over, the more I hate it. Two Canadian teams is setting up for a nice guy battle. Neither team will want to offend the other team by scoring a goal on them. Hopefully they gas some Labatt Blues before the game to forget their feelings.


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