Rest In Peace Dwayne Haskins

I normally don’t talk about serious topics but I feel I had to pay respect to Dwayne Haskins after the tragic news of his passing. What a horrible freak accident of being struck by a vehicle on the highway. I was really happy to see the overwhelming amount of praise and respect he received form Ohio State fans, players and coaches. The memorial they made for Haskins outside of Ohio Stadium was great. What was even better was the band member playing Carmen Ohio for Dwayne one last time. If you watch this and don’t get emotional, you aren’t human.

I was disappointed to see a couple of reports of his death commenting on his on the field struggles along side with the tragic news. I think everyone that followed Haskins knew his NFL career hadn’t gone as planned but that obviously doesn’t define him. I couldn’t imagine if the reporting of one of my family members death was lead with how the person struggled in the NFL. I don’t want to comment further on it because this should be about honoring the life of Dwayne.

Dwayne walking through the Ohio State locker room as a 11 year old saying he would play for the team one day is still great. Not only becoming an Ohio State quarterback but having one of the best seasons in Ohio State history is a real life dream.

I’ll keep this short because of how sad the news is but I had to pay respect to one of my favorite Ohio State QBs. I feel I had to since he gave me some of my favorite moments watching my favorite team. Rest in peace.


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