Woody’s Winners 4/6/2022

I keep having winning nights which I am happy with, but I want to pop off for the boys one time. You know what I mean? 2-1 last night is good, don’t get me wrong. But 2-1 isn’t popping off. I’m looking for a real breakthrough. I want to go 3-0 in back-to-back nights. Now that is popping off.

Since when did Lebron become the laughingstock of the NBA? I know he has been a cry baby pussy for a while now, but I thought he was still somewhat respected around the league and by fans. But seems like that ship has sailed. It really is crazy how quickly everyone tosses you to the curb once you become a useless loser like Lebron is now. Kind of reminds me of that awful season the Warriors had a couple years ago, and all the Steph Curry dick riders jumped ship to Khawi Leonard. The NBA has to have the least team loyalty out of all the major sports. Growing up in Ohio I saw it firsthand with Lebron and the Cavs. When Lebron was playing for the Cavs, everyone was a huge Cleveland fan and supposedly had been their whole life. The second he jumps ship all those die hards claim they were never Cavs fans, they are just Lebron fans. That’s also called being a pussy. Pick a team and stay with it. The bad times just make the good times that much better.

I’m taking a hiatus from the NBA. Me and the NBA don’t see eye to eye right now. Probably because I’m 6’4” so I tower over it. So, I am going to stick with the superior product and that is the NHL. The Hockey Over is 2-0 this week and the perfect week is almost a guarantee to happen at this point.

Here are my plays:

The Hockey Over: Tampa Bay Washington Over 6 1 Unit. I normally avoid the Mother Russia team in Washington but this one is too juicy.

Hockey Dog: Capitals +122 vs Lightning 1 Unit. I’m doubling down on the Russian invasion. I love a plus sign next to a evenly matched team.

Parlay?: Blues and Flames ML -108 1 Unit. This is the first ever parlay in Woody Sports history. Never thought it would be on hockey but fuck it.


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