Woody’s Winners 4/5/2022

What do you consider the most useless toe? Like if you had to cut one of them off, which one would it be? If you don’t say the pinky toe you are a moron. We don’t even use the pinky toe. I never even realize I have one unless my shoe is on too tight and my pinky toe starts to hurt. We could save money on buying smaller shoes also if we all agree to have the pinky toes cut off at birth. Just think if we all decided pinky toes were irrelevant, I would have won my Kansas -4 bet… The right pinky toe of the Kansas player just so happened to graze the out of bounds line and now I’m a loser. All Kansas had to do was a normal inbounds pass and North Carolina would foul. It is so common that it happened multiple times in most every March Madness game. But Kansas had to fuck it up. Why the hell are you having a guy run up the sideline to get an inbounds pass? Just do the little fake side to side juke move and get open for one second. But no, Bill Self said let’s do a little toe drag swag down the sideline like we are Tyreek Hill out running a defensive back. I’ll get over it one day, but that day is most definitely not today. Maybe I will feel better after Bill Self gets fired for all the illegal shit he has been doing for the past two decades at Kansas. Getting fired is equal to losing a 2 unit bet right?

I shot my shot with my first hockey money line pick and missed. Maybe if I actually start consuming an ounce of hockey, I will be better at handicapping who will win. Nah, I’d rather watch Tiger Woods highlights on YouTube. But I guess picking overs is more my thing because Tampa and Toronto covered with ease. It does help when one of the teams scores six goals.

I guess I am stuck with the NHL and NBA for now. I haven’t watched a full NHL or NBA game in years so I guess now is the time to start fucking that chicken again.

Here are my plays:

The Hockey Over: Boston @ Detroit Over 6 1 Unit. The B’s have hit the over in four of their last five games. Is it fair to say they are buzzin?  Add one to the corny pun tally.

Late Night Over: Lakers @ Suns Over 231.5 1 Unit. I am joking to ride Bron Bron like a wild bull until he kicks me off on these overs. Plus, I like having a reason to watch him lose.

BJs: Blue Jackets +107 @ Flyers 1 Unit. I think the Flyers will be able to get a good grip on the Jackets and suck the puck away from them for a while. But after holding off the Flyers for long enough the Jackets will explode and spray the puck into the Flyers goal.


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