Woody’s Winners 3/31/2022

Yup, its official. I have found the winning formula. I went 2-1 last night so the three-bet minimum a night is undefeated (1-0 but still has never lost). That means it is here to stay. I really am a simple, face value kind of guy. You say, “Hey this Johnny Bench autographed baseball is $80 at a pawn shop.”  I say “Ok, I’ll take it!” True story. No haggling, no bullshit. Same with gambling models. If I hear of undefeated or a winning record, I’ll ryde with no other information.  No need to get lost in the details or sample size. I don’t want to hear how it only has a sample size of three games. I choose a life of positivity and not one with negativity. Get the hell out of here, haters.

Looking back at it, Miami +4.5 was stealing from the sportsbook. They were trying to bait us into betting the Celtics.  They have been one of the hottest teams in the NBA, were playing at home and only favored by 4.5. That is a huge fade the idiots and zig while everyone else is zagging play. I am still an idiot for not throwing anything on money line.  I say all of that to make fun of myself for taking the bait on the over in the same game. If you go back a read yesterday’s Woody’s Winners, I even said that the total was too low, and they were begging for you to bet on the over. I don’t know if that makes me smart for predicting it exactly or a dumbass for knowing I was going to lose and still betting it. Let me know what you think down in the comments below. Also click that like button and bell to make sure you get notifications for every video I post.  Woah sorry, don’t know where that came from. Just getting ready to become a youtuber I guess.

You must love when you get a guaranteed Hockey Over winner in the second period. Now this may come as a surprise, but I am not a hockey guy. I know, shocking. Sorry to disappoint. But I learned that if you get 1 goal away from an over and go to overtime, it’s an automatic winner. Hockey doesn’t do that tie bullshit like the grass fairies. So having 6 goals by the end of the second period locked it in. But of course, I didn’t know that until after the shootout. Live and learn.

Back to riding with the three-bet minimum tonight. The logic of betting an odd number of bets has been proven to be 100% a winning formula thus far. I won’t hear anything that contradicts.

Here are my plays:

Late Night Over: Lakers @ Jazz Over 225.5 1 Unit. Bron Bron is only going for as many points as possible and doesn’t care about winning. The Jazz are actually decent. Give me the over.

Hockey Over: Canadiens @ Carolina Over 6 1 Unit. Carolina is good for at least 5 goals so hopefully the maple syrup lovers north of the border can score a couple.

Giannis Antentikoupoe: Bucks +1.5 @ Nets 1 Unit. Same logic as yesterday. The Nets are good all of a sudden, but the Bucks are better.


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