Woody’s Winners 3/30/2022

Yup. Yup. Yup. 2-0.  Undefeated. Ever heard of her? A little bounce back action never hurt nobody. But if I am being completely honest. Going 2-0 was the second coolest thing that happened to me yesterday. Your boy put up some numbies on twitter.

I think in the past I have mentioned that I am a huge Barstool Sports fan and consume all their content. The reason I started this blog was to hopefully one day get a job at Barstool. I know, it’s never gonna happen but a kid can dream. There has got to be more to life than waking up and going to a factory every day. Anyway, I follow all the Barstool personalities on Twitter and have become a bit of a reply guy, especially for Big Cat. It also helps that I finally learned how to make memes. As Mrs. Woody says, “People love memes.” I got a bit of traction on a meme reply to a Big Cat tweet over the weekend but yesterday was crazy. I got the “Big Cat Bump” with him retweeting my reply. Over 700 likes later, here we are. Surprisingly it turned in to zero new followers which was slightly disappointing but still pretty damn awesome. Also, it is great reassurance that my memes are the best. You don’t have the memes that I have. Shout out Vin Dog.

Back to sports. The sixers are going to win the NBA championship. Who says no?  Joel Embiid is the MVP and skinny James Harden is a walking bucket. Turns out having a point guard that can actually shoot helps a lot especially when you are betting the over. Never a doubt.

The Hockey Over did exactly what I wanted it to do last night.  Win obviously but also, I called for the Florida Panthers to get over 6.5 goals themselves. They got 7 and a couple extra from the nice guys from Montreal for fun. Now both bets winning doesn’t mean jack shit if I can’t string some winning days together. I think a rule of a minimum of three plays needs to be instituted. I didn’t crunch the numbers at all, but it feels like it will be easier to get consecutive winning days in a row with an odd number. I think.

Here are my plays:

The Hockey Over: Kings @ Oilers Over 6.5 1 Unit. These two teams have done me well this season by putting up goals. So, I would like to show my appreciation with a responsible financial investment in their success.

Late Night Over: Heat @ Celtics Over 214.5 1 Unit. This total being so low makes me think Vegas is begging us to take the over. I’ll bite. The Celtic’s have covered five overs in a row and the Heat have covered four of the last five overs.

Double Up: Heat -4.5 @ Celtics 1 Unit. The ole double up. I know the Celtics are on a heater as of late, but the Heat should be favored in this game. The Kentucky boys will show out in this one.


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