Woody’s Winners 3/29/2022

Remember in yesterday’s blog how I said I felt like I could smack a man on live television like Will Smith because of the heater I was on? Yeah, I am now Chris Rock getting smacked by my stupid gambling arrogance. So, I guess that makes me a moron and a loser. If you can’t tell from the self-hate, I went 0-2.

I really don’t enjoy betting on the NBA and NHL but what am I supposed to do? Not gamble? Probably. But the show must go on. I have always said that a bad workout is better than no workout and I’m not sure if I should apply that to gambling but screw it. Bad gambling is still better than no gambling. It makes you feel something which is better than nothing. This is all under the assumption that we are participating safely and responsibly. And of course, waiting until after marriage. Oh shit, sorry, wrong speech. 1-800-Gambler is what I meant to say.

So yeah, what the hell guys? Why did nobody tell me that Steph, Klay, Dremond and Ja Morant weren’t playing? That would have been pretty damn good information to know. I was wondering why the over under was so low compared to the other games. It’s safe to say that makes sense now. It is also safe to say that is why the NBA is a joke. No heart. No dedication. Just simply collecting a bag of money and playing not to get hurt. I’d fine them every game they sit out for so called “rest”. Just another way we are green lighting the pussification of America to our youth. Sad. *Puts soap box away*

It was just one of those nights for The Hockey Over. Every other game in the NHL hit the over except the one I idiotically decided to bet on. I think I have won two hockey overs in the past couple weeks. Yikes. I can’t tell which loser talk saying I want to throw at you, so I’ll give you both. Water always finds its level and I guess that makes me statistically due for winners. Choose your own adventure.

Here are my plays:

Late Night Over: Bucks @ Sixers Over 228.5 1 Unit. Picking what I thought was going to be a star-studded affair last night didn’t work but I think these two teams actually give a shit.

Hockey Over: Canadians @ Panthers Over 6.5 1 Unit. This one is simple. Hope that the Florida Panthers score enough to cover the over by themselves. A goal from the Canadians would be cool too.


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