Woody’s Winners 3/28/2022

What a weekend, fellas! 3-1 Friday, 3-0 Saturday and 4-0 Sunday. Yeah, I think I got my swagger back. If you don’t understand that reference, I feel bad for you. Last week I started as a defeated loser. Then I upgraded to an average ass 5’9” divorced accountant stepdad that drinks IPA’s and watches primetime network television. I then hit what I thought was a good day at the time and upgraded to becoming Vin Diesel (idk, don’t ask). Now after this heater that I will tell my grandkids about, I feel like Will Smith and think I can go around smacking people on live TV. That’s right, I am somewhat up to date on pop culture. Hell of a jaw on Chris Rock just to take that in stride.

I will repeat, North Carolina vs Duke in the Final Four was always going to happen and nobody could stop it. Betting on North Carolina and Duke the last couple games were the easiest winners I have ever had. I know people always jokingly say that sports are rigged but this time there is no doubt, this was rigged. Ever since Coach K suffered the most humiliating loss of all time to UNC for his last home game, he has broken the piggy bank to fund this dream Final Four matchup. No shot Duke losses. Coach K will Tonya Harding a kid to ensure he wind the National Championship.

On top of my undefeated days, I had a hell of a weekend picking outright winners in the PGA Tour. My pre-tournament picks to win were Scottie Scheffler +1700 and Kevin Kisner +4600 as my long shot. If you happened to pay attention it was a match play tournament meaning golfers played 1v1 against each other and whoever won the most holes, won the match. The championship round just so happened to be Scheffler vs. Kisner making me the least sweaty gambler of all time. Of course, I was rooting for Kisner but was still jacked when Scheffler won. That now makes two pre-tournament outright winner predictions in the last 4 weeks. Best golf handicapper around? Yup yup yup.

After the high of such a cash filled weekend, there must always be a come down. I’m going to try to be smart and pick my spots so please try and contain me if I start betting on tennis or some stupid shit. Who am I joking… you could only hope to contain me!

Here are my plays:

Late Night Over: Golden State @ Memphis Over 223 1 Unit. I would like to imagine this is a game a lot of fans are going to watch with two of the biggest names playing (Andre Drummond and Steven Adams). That means players want to ball out and get buckets. Seems logical to take the over.

Hockey Over: Vancouver @ St. Louis Over 6 1 Unit. I was tempted by the Washington Capitals over but then I remembered I don’t agree with Russian goals. Get it? Ovechkin is Russian and hockey players score goals and war and stuff. Anyways, take this over.


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