Woody’s Weekend Winners 3/26/2022

Yesterday was FINALLY a good day! Yesterday I was the 5’9” step dad accountant and today I am… idk who is a middle of the road celebrity? Vin Diesel! Yup, I am Vinny Big D. Fast and Furious is tight.

3-1 is 3-1 but I did lose “my dog got his balls snipped today” whole bag bet. Purdue -13 was a lock I thought. The B1G Ten really is a joke in March Madness every year. Ohio State is the conferences only hope in football and basketball. No one in the conference wins or plays in national championships except the Buckeyes. Yeah I know Xichigan played in a basketball national championship against Louisville but that game was vacated so doesn’t count. Thank you Rick Pitino.

It really does make too much sense that even my winning day is some what ruined because I threw my nut sack on the table for my one bet that lost.  Now me and my dog have no nuts. Maybe a lil woody will happen in the next lifetime.

Looking back it, I really should have made North Carolina the whole bag play. Like I’ve said, Duke North Carolina is no doubt happening in the final 4. Coach K is an actual blue devil and has full control of his destiny somehow. I am holding out hope that North Carolina beats them by 100 and coach k goes straight to the retirement home after. But again no shot. Duke is winning it all, put in the future now.

Here are my plays:

Hate Bet: Duke -3.5 vs Arkansas 2 Units. Duke is winning it all. The Muss Bus is out of gas. Shout out Benchwarmers. Great film.

Dog?: Villanova +2.5 vs Houston 1 Unit. How is Villanova an underdog? I know Houston is the new girl that just moved into town but Jay Wright hasn’t fell off. He has been here done this shit.


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