Ohio State Pro Day Recap

I always thought the idea of the Pro Day was funny. What the hell do the scouts even learn that they don’t already know? They all have watched every single snap of college football these players have played over the last three to four years against actual defenders in football pads. But now let’s watch them play against air wearing shorts and a t shirt. Seems like a convenient excuse for all the general managers, coaches, and scouts to get away from the ole ball and chain for a couple days and drink some whiskey with the boys at college town steakhouses. Never mind, I think I get it now.

Yeah, so Cardale Jones should be a starting QB in the NFL. Dude still has a 12-gauge Mossberg pump shotgun as an arm. I still think if he went pro after winning the national championship, he goes in one of the first three rounds and probably would have got a real shot at a starting role eventually. I think he was born to be Big Bens replacement. Neither of them go down easy and neither of them are very smart. As much as I hate to say it as a Bengals fan, Cardale Jones would’ve made a great Pittsburgh Steeler in my opinion.

Master Teague is the hulk on steroids. My god this man is all muscle. If an NFL scout watches him run the 40 yard dash and doesn’t make him the next Mike Tolbert, they should be fired. He should have a ten plus year career in the NFL as a bowling ball. Line him up three yards behind the quarterback and have him throw his man meat into the first linebacker that gets in his way and that running back will become a hall of famer. I can already see Teague as every fantasy football players nightmare. He would be the biggest touchdown vulture on the goal line because he would be the best in the league at getting exactly 1 yard, no more than that. Also don’t ask him to move side to side. He doesn’t do that shit.

Garret Wilson made a sliding catch on the sideline! But did he get two feet in and retain possession through contact with the ground? Dez caught it… Another reason why Pro Days are hilarious. Garret Wilson made a sliding catch and the whole place came in their pants. “But Woody, it shows he plays 100% at all times.” Its comparable to an interview at my dream job. I think I am going to give 100% with 32 of my potential future employers watching me. I am going to miss Wilson though. He was probably my favorite wide receiver since Ted Ginn Jr. Both electric as hell with the ball. Garret Wilson to the Chiefs would be insane.

The Stroud to Olave connection still gives me chills. They ran it back a couple times at the Pro Day with the Olave down the center of the field bomb touchdown pass play and I cried. Again, t shirt and shorts but when you are watching Stroud chuck one deep on tv and have no clue what is down the field, then see Olave have five yards of separation and the ball hits him in stride for a touchdown. That will be missed. I still have full faith in JSN, Marvin Harrison and Emeka Ebuka but they can’t be as good as our three from last year… or can they?

I can’t hate too much on the Pro Day. I do love any opportunity for Ohio State football to flex on all the schools that wish they were us. Go Bucks.


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